Juanito : You are certainly a pro

Like the other Bay street hackers they are always protected

You play the "ride the free warrants" game

Where were you when Chris Carl pumped BXI with the solvent method and the PP were offered. You did not  believe then so why believe now.

Your $ 80,000 of debentures are protected by junior secured status in case of a bust which is something that the other shareholders do not have the luxury of.

I am sure you have your 600,000 open market shares protected with a stop loss at 7 cent (all time low) in case of  a loss of confidence with any whiff of  no deal and pending bankruptcy so you stand to lose only a few grand.

However, if you pump up the old guys ot  buy more ( they have no cash) or the new guys to buy and then go to market with your “strategic partners” and “broker friends’ to buy in at 9 or 10 cents then as soon as there is a hint of a deal pending and the sp goes to 20 cents you will make 100 %  on you open 600,000 shares and 100 % on your 800,000 debenture shares and you can RIDE THE 400,000 WARRANTS  FOR FREE after  you get out.

A Classic Pump and Dump to stay in the game after a 100 % profit with no risk when you have free warrants

Then during the next 18 months while the buyers of your 20 cents  (as well as the other 30 million debenture converts from 10 cents) are stewing  you and friends are sitting pretty with15 million FREE warrants to ride out the 18 months storm of sp fluctuations.

This great overhead resistance of 30 million selling shares from debenture conversion will have to broken by NEW investors who will have to wait for appreciation and the old long time holders are still under water if their average is 15 to 20 cents or higher.

Poor 1320 and Gadfly will have to wait after 20 cents to get some green back AFTER these new guys make a killing of 100 % having been in on the debenture and able to buy 8 cent stock.

Juanito will make over $ 140,000 profit in 2 months 

At 20 cents A very good play for him but not for Gadfly or 1320 or others who have ot wait longer when there are no  more new buyers

Don’t you just love this very fair capital stock market ?