Juanito, anyone one can say anything they wish on this SH board. Doesn't mean we are obliged to believe it. We've had doctor's, engineers, workers at the Saskatoon plant and a parade of others in the know all give their hearty endorsement of BXI yet the sp sits at 9 cents. I guess one more in the form of an institutional equity trader won't make a difference. You certainly don't come across as a serious long term investor in my view but rather by your language a person that is here for in your words a double from 8.25 cents. You may fancy it up by saying as long as the company performs to my expectations but it is just an elaborate description of what is basically a pump and dump action on your part. Did I buy any shares recently? No, but what I did buy last December to average down is now worth 40% less. Kind of takes the wind out of your sail when that happens.