It would  help those who prognositicate the viability of proposed iron ore projects in the Labrador Trough, if there was established a realistic price per ton that would encompass the political price of mining ore in Quebec.   This is necessary.   All prognostication revolves around demand and the price of landing  the ore in China.   If Quebec extracts a noticable political price in dollars that Labrador does not,  that price differential needs to be extrapolated into dollars per ton.    The math may be a challenge and is way beyond me, but I am convinced the need for the equation is valid.   Recent actions in Quebec by Cliff that were not mirrored by Cliffs in Labrador, suggest my contentions may be valid.     If so,  what does it mean.  It means that Labrador iron better be cheap enough to produce so as to meet market conditions, if it wants to get developed, irrespective of the fact that Quebec Ore may be less viable.  It also means that  Cap ex looking to find a home in the Labrador Trough will factor in the Quebec Political price, when making decisions as to what projects are most viable and this may favor Labrador based projects.  

   Canada Moose