They managed to buy in a all share deal the NSr on PMI`s Obotan project
The grear thing is: the deemed price for the aquisition is 0.5$. stock trades @ 0,25

Asante Gold Corporation: Acquisition of Obotan Gold Project 1% NSR Royalty Announced

Marketcap 5million. 2014e Royalty cash flow 3.5million p.a.
- in addition nice land Holdings next to T.PRU`s producing mine in Ghana.
Very nice one. And with that Royalty cash flow, from end of 2013 on they won`t need to do any more dilution.
i am in, and i say under 0.5 this is  great buy, market still very much asleep in this one.
let`s say onle 5times Royalty revenue from 2014 on = marketcap of 40million!
at 10 times= 80million
now: incl the issuance for the aquisition 20+45m shares = 65m shares*0,27= 17,5million