I was involved in a hostile with a gold company. I cant for the life of me remember what it was called. I only plannned to hold it short term and then when the bid came in and the company trying to buy us sent me the info asking to buy my shares I just ignored it all and watched it unfold. I believe i sold my shares for a cent over what they had offered justr on the market and eventually the deal was struck for the original ask.


Kind of interesting to be part of. Although I have seen companies hold out and new offers continue to go higher. I would assume you would have to have an iron hand to stick through 2 offers where you are forsure taking decent profit.


As far as where people are saying sell at 3-7 etc etc. If i had ignorance and just through a number out there 8 bucks would be a line i would never hold over but i think anywhere after 4 bucks id have to atleast take some profit off the table