Argex Titanium Inc. is aiming to be a near-term producer of high purity Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), which is a whitish pigment used in various industrial products such as paint, cosmetics, and food colouring. The company has a proprietary technology which allows RGX to utilize Ilmenite, which is a titanium-iron ore oxide to be converted to 99.8% TiO2. This allows them to capture the value added profit by maximizing their margins when selling the final products to TiO2 end users. A pilot plant is running continuously and is delivering favourable results.


Argex has started a bankable feasibility study for the creation of a TiO2 production plant. Argex has also signed an agreement with PPG (NYSE: PPG), the second largest global paint company for Titanium Dioxide collaboration. A formal agreement is highly anticipated over the next few months. The company is well financed to execute on its plans.