Really not a fair comparison though regarding the premium that other "miners" have received in takeovers vs. what Argex Titanium might be valued at.  The value of this company is based on the solvent extraction technology which is proprietary technology.  Lots of companies own mines; one company controls the application of this technology for TiO2 production.

For those of us who are in this for the long haul, the longer the company stays independent the richer a successful buyout offer would have to be.  Any companies contemplating a buyout would get Argex cheaper if they took on more risk now and tried to do the deed before the bankable feasibility study results are released.  After that time Argex is lining up financing for the the first production module.  If Argex actually gets to the point of completing the first production module and scalability is demonstrated then all of the risk has been removed and the value that must be placed on the company reflects that.

I can certainly respect that others have a shorter time frame than I do regarding this stock, or would be content with a $3 buyout now vs. risking the unknowns going forward, but I for one sure want to see them at least demonstrate scalability in order that something closer to the full value of this technology is realized.  Opportunities like this just don't come along very often.