Focus on the numbers Brothers,

When the maket twists stocks around like they have recently, ya have to focus on the numbers. The fiscal cliff etc. does not change the fact that Argex may have the cheapest way to produce Ti02 by less than half the cost of current processes. Their 50,000 ton plant is just the start. The world demand annually for Ti02 is 6 MILLION tons. Imagine 20X50000 ton Argex plants working globally in ten years. Here are the numbers.

1miilion tonsX$4000/ton minus $1000 opex minus SGandA of $500/ton = 2.5 Billion pre tax profit...taxed at 30% equals 1.75 Billion.....That is just a measley $9/share in earnings....based on 200 million shares outstanding.....Where would the stock be???? Probably around $130!!!!!! As 649 says...JUST IMAGINE