Could you stop playing flipper or basher for one minute?  Pretty obvious you have no idea what Argex is worth.  The upside for this company is way beyond $3.  So that talk is nonsense.  Furthermore, not knowing what deals are in the pipeline, you can't just pick a 3x valuation and sound like you have a clue.  The fact is that any deal could run this straight past three and onto bigger numbers.  Yes pullbacks come, but then more PRs and off she goes.  Given the economics of Argex, they will in no way, sell out quickly.  They are poised to be huge in this industry and possibly others with their process.  They have deliverables to meet, and contracts to sign.  They hired personnel that makes this a long term play for a brighter future.  If they can meet their milestones, then we will be looking past three shortly.  And sure a flipper like you may sell.  But most longs will be looking a 5-10 dollars headed to twenty and higher in the next few years.  Scaling up, viability, contracts, fast-tracking production, diversifying, all will impact this past any buyout proposal.


Right now this valuation of yours is attainable.  Just a depressed market on a depressed exchange.