I don't see Argex wanting to put modules all over the place.  That would be extremely expensive since each location would need it's own building, it's own duplicate management structure,  separate accounting and tax filing for local tax reasons, separate health safety and environmental approvals and inspections, different labor laws, etc. It would be a nightmare.  As far as customers wanting their TiO2 suppliers close to them there's no indication that current users of the product have ever asked for or wanted the raw material suppliers to locate near them. There is no advantage to that that I can think of. However years down the road if their operation becomes large enough they might diversify to a second or third location.

Argex management has almost certainly decided where they want to initially locate their operation because I don't see how the currently underway feasibility study can be done without looking at transportation and other cost factors which are location specific. That doesn't meant that they don't have other locations in mind for backup if necessary.

Personally I would have guessed Mississauga where they located the mini-plant because that's where the PRO technical support is which would be essential for the first module start up and where skilled labor is readily available.

I think it's a pretty good bet that they won't be locating in the New York region :)