100% agree!! RGX is still trading @ a significant discount to its peers and potential! Once the Ramp up is complete, Game-Changing tech will light up some eyes of competition and they will come a knocking$$$..imo...Argex mining grows into a contender for 5-7% of world supply? Trading for .70 cents...It's going to take some time and patience...But it will be rewarding..GLTA...MMM$..Dundee=$$$$$$ :)

“The pilot-plant expansion represents a significant milestone,” said Roy Bonnell, President and CEO ofArgex, “the primary objective of the expansion is to increase the quantity of TiO product samples we canprovide to end-users.”Argex expects the pilot-plant expansion to be completed before the end of the first quarter of 2012 andproduction to begin by the second quarter of 2012. “The scale-up permits us to not only increase production,”noted Chief Operating Officer Enrico Di Cesare, “it will also allow us to conduct larger scale testing andcontinue to optimize the key performance indicators”.Argex recently announced the successful completion of the pilot-plant testing of the ore from its 100%-owned La Blache deposit. Highlights included: repeated and consistent results demonstrating production of99.8% pure titanium dioxide rutile product directly from run-of-mine material; repeated and consistent results

demonstrating titanium dioxide production with brightness and colour in line with or superior to some of the

major TiO


2 industry producers; an improved and consistent TiO2 recovery rate of 90%; organics used in the

process recycled more than 100 times successfully demonstrating process viability and TiO


2 produced to the