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Argex Titanium Inc ARGEF

Sector: Chemicals | Sub-Sector: Chemicals
Alternate Symbol(s):  T.RGX

Argex Titanium Inc is a producer of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), ferric chloride, iron and other by-products. It has developed a chemical process for the production of high-grade TiO2 for use in paint, plastics, coating, cosmetics and other TiO2 applications.
Price: $0.543 | Change: +$0.002 | %Change: +0.39%
Volume: 5,000 | Day High/Low: 0.543/0.543 | 52 Week High/Low: 1.025/0.536

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1 star

no short interest

actually no long interest either...sadly no interest!  rate and reply
5 stars

Short interest

T : RGX 2014-08-15 0 -700 137,385,367 0.00 T : RGX 2014-07-31 700 700 137,385,367 0.00 T...read more
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RE:Well that's interesting.

I was wondering about the timing of that as well...maybe it was just time to update the code in anticipation of the financing and the new opportunities and temptations that will be present...Cheers...read more
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RE:Mark Billings...Fancamp

Now you don't suppose that could be Fancamp selling all those RGX shares they got for nothing and I mean nothing? Just a thought.  rate and reply
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Mark Billings...Fancamp

looks like Fancamp has a new director...another dot to file away...Cheers, Nap  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:The middle of June

I wouldn't know exactly...you could check the obvious...corporate news releases...or just as likely we'll never really know what the trigger or event was...and those who know have no reason to tell...read more
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Who knows? Maybe they are already looking outwards to expansion and starting the foundation for that. Whatever the case may be I hope we all get some clarification soon.  rate and reply
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They aren't to raise money but to support and improve the sp. Not everybody Rgx addresses is a potential source of financing !!!  They need to enhance shareholder value ... Therefore letting the world...read more
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RE:RE:The middle of June

So why did they start then? What happened at Argex at that particular time? Everyone says at this point Argex is a "news driven stock". So what was the news then?  rate and reply
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RE:The middle of June

didn't you just name an event...anonymous started dumping and hasn't stopped...any institution can sell as "anonymous"...Cheers, Nap  rate and reply
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The middle of June

That's when Anonymous started dumping shares and hasn't stopped. That's when the SP downward slide started. So what "event" happened at that time?  rate and reply
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the share price is down because the have not raised the money we will be breaking ground in August does not mean we will be doing a roadshow in Sept  rate and reply
3 stars


"create some downward pressure to lower the sp to improve your deal"...as mentioned earlier and likely closer to the truth than nohype7 and the falsecanuck's nonsense...unless you believe that the...read more
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How can you report that financing Is kinda done ...? has anybody ever heard of such a ludicrous idea ?  Maybe they should report when they reach 33%...  The reason the price is tanking is the downward...read more
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RE:Can you handle the truth?

I am not certain if there are many other companies that could produce at the same cost but other than that he is right on most points Lets keep it real here the reason share price is caving is they...read more
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If key support is broken, we could hit .30 cent

Back on June 25th, I warned everyone here that the .75 cent level was a key support for RGX. Sure enough, once that level was broken RGX has plummeted almost 40% in two months. Now you need to keep...read more
3.5 stars


... most of shareholders can learn at Argex. Some weeks and the share price is 50 - 100% higher then today.  rate and reply
2.5 stars

Can you handle the truth?

"Why has Luxor purchased ~23,000,000 shares and added at every opportunity?"  Answer: Luxor is NOT "buying at every opportunity" as you have claimed. Because if they were, the share price wouldn't be...read more
3 stars

RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:Good exposure

warrants exercised based on most recent MD&A... INFORMATION Share Capital Common shares The Company is authorized to issue an unlimited number of common shares, voting, participating and with...read more
3 stars

Likely new low this week

At this point may not see exercise of remaining warrants as sp may be below that! Still wonder what the team is feeling or thinking. CEO's generally are forced by board to take responsibility if sp...read more