Hello EIJ,

Thanks for adding your perspective. According to the presentation that NGL produced in early June, they indicated an average production of between 15,000-15,500 boe/d and a 2012 exit production of between 16,000-16,500 boe/d. This is currently what they are estimating. The reduction in production was announced weeks ago.

I do agree that that the commodity prices they used in old forecasts don't meet the current levels. Thus the need to lower their drilling program and manage their debt. Even companies with pristine balance sheets are doing the same. I still view this a prudent.

As you know, the stock has been beat up severely already. It's lost 70% of its value in a year. Natural gas is at 10 year lows and oil has retreated 30% in a few weeks. As well, Alberta producers are getting even lower rates that the figures we see everyday in the news. Can these go lower? Sure.

But I feel that these will both go up and Alberta producers will get back to par for their production. This is just my opinion.

Just as quick as Angle lowers their decrease program, they can increase it again if the environment permits. IMHO this is a great longer term investment.