I think it's a little early to tell. There's too many unknowns. Will the European situation get better, worse or just continue to be a cloud over the markets? If it gets worse in the next couple of days, oil COULD fall. But it could also rise if we get positive news.

NAT GAS jumped up only to fall back again. Stockpiles rose a bit more than expected this morning. Will they continue to creep up or go go down into the end of summer?

The SP of NGL fell a bit more than I expected, but then again, the market always overshoots in both directions. Personally, I want to see a longer basing pattern before I jump in again and buy more. The press release yesterday was meant to calm nerves: there's no takeover, no reduction in capital spending, a hedging program in place... All positive.

Both fundamentals and technicals look positive. So, if you're a longer term investor, this could be a great time to get in. As you saw yesterday, this stock can pop up hard.

 So far, I like what I see, but I'm still cautious about the next couple of days.