Having watched closely the events of the last 3 years that initiated the management drain.....I am not optimistic (as Ive explained earlier re: management).

I believe that they were forced into picking people like Mr. Young as the pool of competent managers is at an all time low.  Previous management completely castrated this company by the elimination and out sourcing of whole departments of sales and engineering in their attempt to reflect a good balance sheet.

One only needs to look at recent events with SNC Lavalin coupled with criminal charges and corruption at every level within the construction industry.

Quebec is a mess;  City Mayors are all in on the take.  Mr. Ford (Recent Mayor of TO) is in the time-out box.  Most dont know about how his council awarded the largest waste water facility in the country (ashbridges bay) without proper tender.  Ontario is next in line to be under the magnifying glass of corruption.

I cant believe that Mob-Rule mentality is still so prevelant.  If this corruption extends to the West.....you heard it here first.

Previous management outsourced completely a little known product line - Drainage (although culverts are retained as in-house).  With Fracking becoming so prevelant coupled with its immense requirements of water....

Drainage and water control could help ARF return to splendor but Mr. Young dismantled that legacy.  It will cost a small kings ransom to get the right person to lead.  Mr. Young isnt the right man and he alienated or eliminated so many technically superior management contenders....thats why he fits the bill currently.

I dispise corporate positioning.  That is the sole reason why he currenly will hold the postion.