Are you kidding me? Q3 is prime construction weather and that is all they did? Q4 is typically breakeven at the best of times.

They are creating two 'new' business units, which are exactly the same as before the big expensive merger - concrete and drainage....remember the ConForce, Armtec and Durisol divisions days? Same thing, nothing new here. An experiment gone horribly wrong is all that has happened and they can't admit it.

You can't get silk from a sows ear! Problem is all the silk has been let go or have left from the 'drainage' division. One good point is that the Drainage Division (aka old Armtec) where the money is made is separated from the concrete. This division will show where the margins and profit truely come from!

Share price $2-$2.25 until it turns around in maybe 2014 at best.