this is a very old story ho ever buy any stocks any thing from the markets in there life time a small few will

be billionaires all the rest big losers one gain the other pain any market player will and up at the end with not even a old shirt on is back all they want is your money  to get rich  and no one gets rich over nite  never worked from the pass and it will never  work in the future better put money under the mattress if you have to than buy any thing they make you belive it goes up funny it does but then it goes down and people dream that it will go up some  day dreams they don't pay reality does silver is going back to 15.00 ounce prochares back to the 15.00 it mite take 2  3 years they will burn lot more investors down the road or get out before you loose the shirt. gold back to 700.00  per ounce