Really I'm a pathetic liar.  Let's see when the stock price went up to $3.00, it's called taking  profit...when the stock price went to 4 cents it's called loading up and then selling some to take profit.  You can buy a lot of shares between 4 and 10's what the smart investors do.  Have I shorted the stock...absolutely not.  Still a long term holder and looking forward to a great pay-off...all of my original shares are sitting very pretty and you won't get one of them.

So to bring everyone up to speed, HVAN emails me in my inbox crying the blues about being attacked and how I haven't made any money on the stock exchange.  Ha what a joke.  Shows how classless he is as he then takes one of my responses and posts it here.  a true snake and pathetic creature.  Shame on me for engaging.