Now if you wish to get personal, I can, but I digress to prove a point. I do not own a single share in this company. I bought shares in an oil company thats given me about an 80% return since. And I was once quite upset at the snails pace this story is taking to unfold. However,

You write:

In the press release AXI management is not proposing to hire consultants or contractors, which every company does at some point. It wants companies to build and own an LNG plant and LNG storage at Roche Bay. It wants a shipping company put up their own cash to build a port for AXI. Yeah, right.

Find me a company that builds, maintains, or operates LNG faciltiies on their own. Find me a company that constructs, maintains, and runs a port facility on their own. Does Suncor Energy build and maintain their own pipelines? or do they effectively pay for volume shipping (as required) to the likes of Enbridge, Trans Canada?

John is trying hard to lower CAPEX and OPEX as much as he can for RB, and even Tuktu. And why not in this market? XDIP obviously requires higher net-backs, again, why wouldnt they want this to be as efficient as possible. Working in the north is tough enough as it is without poor global economics, but dot the "i's" and cross the "t's".

It almost appears that the companies John is conducting buisness with are on-board. But lets wait and see what happens. I think once these agreements are signed, if signed, XDIP jumps on. I'll buy back in when and if this happens. HVAN, I can tell you're a smart fella, clearly involved with the iron-ore space in some fasion. The only problem is you have twisted words in the past, and currently continue to do so. I like your posts though, keep it up.