I've been a shareholder of axi for about a year an a half and so have seen a more or less steady decline in share value in that period. To me it seems the biggest factor in this decline has been the failure to bring XinXing fully on board, that is to say, to have them put some significant cash on the table. It was that promise that catapulted axi to a share price of $1, and it is the failure to deliver on that promise that has brought it back down to a disappointing $.135 today. Are there specified timelines in the axi/xinxing agreements that will eventually dictate the arrival of the often mentioned further funding (such as the $20 million)? Can axi invite other suitors if XinXing is hesitant, and have they been doing that? Meanwhile I think the Tuktu deposits have shown a remarkably consistent grade, and size, and even the possibility of DSO . Any thoughts would be appreciated.