Let's not ignore the giant elephant in the room, iOS.  When iOS and the first Android operating systems came to market, people like me who were Blackberry loyalists, had a really hard time coming to terms with the fact that BB 6 and BB 7 didn't have anywhere's close to the bells and whistles that the competitors had.  BBs were still good, solid business use devices but people were moving to Apple and Android phones because of a better experience.  It's funny, but iOS is now the worst of the bunch.  Android, Windows, and I'm sure BB10, all have superior operating systems.  iOS is stale and severely lacking in the whole customization category.  If you can't accept that, you're as bad as I was when I claimed that BB7 was just as good as anything out there.  Apple has lost its mojo.  If they can re-design iOS and open it up for users to customize, they have a good chance of not pulling a RIM.