I question the article the quoted.  The stock is currenly trading near the bottom of the Bollinger lines.  Also, I have read other article which show that the number of Macs sold is actually up year over as is the market share.  Apple is currently the 3rd largest seller of computers in the USA (I'm just counting computers here and not including any other products.)  HP and Dell's number and market share are both down yoy while Apple's continues to increase.  October 23rd rumors state that Apple will roll out a 13 inch version of the MacPro Retina display (the 15 inch has been very popular).  This along with the rollout of the ipad mini should get this stock moving upward. 

So I question why anyone would sell?  When the stock was $705 I understood Bluenoser shorting and selling but right now?  Give some more info that I don't kow?