This is looking very good, indeed. The slight halt of the surge gives buyers another look at the stock. This is healthier than before when it goes up like 1% a day. Dividend is very likely to come at around 2-4% since at that rate Apple won't have to allocate fund from abroad and pay the heavy taxes. More importantly, the company is increasing sales in China where the Proview problem is looking to a quick settlement. Whether Apple will do it is an open question since it has a very strong case and the court is showing understanding of the economic impact of this case. 

Reuters targets the stock at 700$ for high. As I said before and I say again, Apple has a series of updates and new products lining up for Q3. As it stands, it is anti-grativity and provides the best hedge for the current market condition. The dividend effect will see an army of money managers matching in under pressure from their clients to get shares before they miss the boat.