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Sino Forest Corporation T.TRE

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Sino-Forest regained 17,580 acres forests in Hunan Province

According to the government public information on July 17, 2014, the 17,580 acre forests in Sangzhi County, Hunan Province, is now owned by Sino-Forest legally. http://www.zjj.gov.cn/gzhd/docview...read more
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Great news for Sino-Forest on December 20, 2013

Now the entire judgement of the Chinese court can be read online: http://www.cnnexis.com/case_4D7A41304E7A4179/ There is a very important clarification in it, e.g. China's policy does not strictly...read more
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Judge Morawetz ignored 36 objections to the settlement

Judge Morawetz again said the settlement is fair and reasonable:   http://www.thestar.com/business/2014/07/24/56_million_settlement_in_sinoforest_case_approved.html   And there are only 35...read more
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FTI Consulting was awarded for Sino-Forest restructuring

http://www.cnbc.com/id/101863168 What has FTI done in Sino-Forest case? It as a Super-Monitor asked the Chinese management to leave: http://www.questia.com/read/1P3-2638642181/sino-forest-makes...read more
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@OSC determined to create a McCarthy era in Canada beginning with #sinoforest case, while @SEC is avoiding McCarthyism in $nq case #politics The @OSC's handling of #sinoforest case, making unfair...read more
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@OSC claims jurisdiction over #sinoforest, legal business in China became Ponzi scheme in ON, billions lost http://fw.to/ccvK1pG  #Cdneco  rate and reply
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why have Canadian news reporters never asked China's Gov

I just talked on Chinese forum about Sino-Forest and said China's Gov should clarify the case and apologize. The Chinese asked: Why have Canadian reporters never asked China's Gov about Sino-Forest...read more
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global jurisdiction

http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2014/07/obama-administration-says-the-worlds-servers-are-ours/ Global jurisdiction is a great idea, necessary not only for electronic commnications's  reason, but...read more
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who is the judge?

OSC lawyer Hugh Craig said: “It is no answer to this Commission to say ‘Well, that’s the way things are done over there,”  “Although the operations may be ‘over there’ they are regulated here...read more
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G&M report on Horsley settlement

Former executive of collapsed Sino-Forest settles with OSC http://fw.to/ccvK1pG Mr. Horsley was not found to be aware of or involved in any of the fraud alleged against Sino-Forest and its other...read more
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RE:Peter Koven is in the hearing of Horsley settlement now

And I twittered him, I as shareholder of #sinoforest object all settlement made before the @OSC_News showing evidences to prove allegation of fraud.  rate and reply
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Peter Koven is in the hearing of Horsley settlement now

He twittered, the payment will be $700,000, no information about if it is no-contest settlement or any confession yet.  rate and reply
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NQ's new auditor

It was said that NQ's new auditor Drew Bernstein quoted his lecture at Duke University on 27 Mar 2014, " I consider Carson Block a criminal." Wow, we could also have had an auditor having the same...read more
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I just found out that if you twitter with #sinoforest, it will go to the catagory for Sino-Forest twitters. I need to retwitter my previous ones.  rate and reply
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Chinese villagers dropped lawsuit against Sino-Forest

http://www.dyrmfy.gov.cn/typenews.asp?id=532 It was a lawsuit on forest land leasing contracts. Settlement reached and lawsuit was withdrew.  rate and reply
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RE:NQ looks more and more like Sino-Forest, except regulator

Wow! There is indeed a difference, with or without regulator's accusation of fraud! NQ has regained the price lost.  rate and reply
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NQ looks more and more like Sino-Forest, except regulator

NQ stock price has already dropped 28% in pre-market, on the news that the auditor has been changed.  NQ mobile, just like Sino-Forest, has the IC report said there is no fraud, however, the auditor...read more
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Establish diplomatic relationship or federal regulator

There are two ways to avoid more Sino-Forest kind of tragedies: One is to establish diplomatic relation between Ontario and China, in addition to the Canada-China diplomatic relation; The other is...read more
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This is the only way to explain Sino-Forest case

Ontario does not recognize the Chinese government, albeit Canadian federal government does.  Therefore, notwithstanding the fact that Sino-Forest legally owns the forests and has done nothing wrong...read more
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RE:Does anybody know the answer of this question?

Haprer government's China policy is "Warm economics, cool politics", and Wetston pushed further, his China policy is, we think China's Gov is illegal, but we will let China's companies come to list on...read more