your right and tmm simply locked in 18 million shares at 1.50 a share now when they have the cash they can go ahead with their plans outlined not worrying about the price of gold . san francisco and lachara  are good to go until 2022  and the only problem they will have is what to do with the excess cash , as too much raises a takeover flag of tmm. this last deal was better than the sprott deal with the credit facility as sprott  had the option to buy a few shares at 1.20 that they probably exercized as the price of gold was a bit lower , they may even be shorting at 1.50  , so dont think it will be too long before the share price starts moving up. tmm can pay off the credit facility and save 9% interest  and use it if need be as they will need 32 million   for san francisco and lachara  or they might have enough profit from mining that they may not need to use the credit facility. 2014 should  have a gross income of 60 million depending on the price of gold .