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Suncor Energy Inc New T.SU

Sector: Energy | Sub-Sector: Oil & Gas Integrated

Suncor Energy Inc is an integrated energy company. Its operations include developing petroleum resource basin, Canada's Athabasca oil sands. It explores for, acquires, develops, produces & markets crude oil & natural gas in Canada and internationally.
Price: $44.17 | Change: +$0.01 | %Change: +0.02%
Volume: 92,619 | Day High/Low: 44.31/44.05 | 52 Week High/Low: 47.18/34.70

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RE:RE:RE:JR paulson

If everyone would just put Paulson on ignore then you dont have to read the jibberish. Its easy, click the name and there is an option to ignore. Add yourself to the hundred like me that no longer...read more
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RE:RE:JR paulson

As Ms Paulson's friend and supporter, I find your scathing attack on her distasteful and saddening. She has recently been released from care and needs our support.  Please treat her comments with the...read more
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RE:JR paulson

Please ignore Julie Rhoda Paulson.  She is just trying to waste people time.  Place her on the ignore button or at least never comment back. I did not check now as I have her on ignore and I am sure...read more
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JR paulson

how much moeny have you lost in the last year or 2 with your gold stocks?...and your shorting of pretty much everything else?...your a moron  rate and reply
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RE:RE:OIL correction nears

We just had the oil correction.  rate and reply
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RE:OIL correction nears

keep shorting su and you will go broke  rate and reply
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Shorting now for thed next drop

Oil stocks are doomed  rate and reply
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Himmler, Mat. Girl, Wittman Really Hurtin' now re:KEYERA

Past month, KEY up 22%, SU a negative 2%. Differential?:25% That's just for one month. The exodus from SU is in now in full force. Ditto for Uchuck's other "fearless foursome" of T.PPL, T.ALA and T...read more
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OIL correction nears

keep short SU from 46 added short 45.67 and the best short is from 46.84 not in any pain here hahahaha : : ::---- ))))) wink wink you yonkers bagholders!!! hahaha  rate and reply
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RE:RE:oops. Sorry Himmler

Okay.  Quite often the more explaining one does the worse it gets.  So, as I rarely do, I will zip my lips on the matter since my comments were not in any way material about Suncor. Zipped. mat  rate and reply
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RE:oops. Sorry Himmler

Actually matt girl I think Wittmann was referring to UCHUCK !! At least thats the way I read the response Wittman left.  rate and reply
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oops. Sorry Himmler

The message should be addressed rto Wittmann Apologies to Herr Himmler mat  rate and reply
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Himmler is jealous

Himmler; You know that SU has outperformed the TSX by 2.36% over the past year.   I can sense that you are jealous.   Envy is one of the deadly sins.  Jealousy is a first cousin of envy and the...read more
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RE:Wittmann and Mat. Girl Are Hurtin':SU vs. KEYERA

This is a public forum so you will remain completey anonymous.I just wonder why you get personal about this as you will never gain any personal credit in cyberworld .Do what you like of course but...read more
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Oil price

Quite a correction in oil last few weeks, can we say its going lower? Any comments? this is going to hurt the bottom line for SU. But hopefully they wont have any more surprise write downs next...read more
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OIL is the wrong sector no question on that

It's time for the GOLD stocks with lower oil to come mining is looking better every hour. Better cross or miss the wind at your back when the golds spike.  rate and reply
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Wittmann and Mat. Girl Are Hurtin':SU vs. KEYERA

Told you so a few weeks ago. SU down, in one month, 5%, but KEYERA up 20%-in one month. Differential:25%. Ouch. Look, if you want to fall in love with SU, get a pillow from WalMart that says "I Love...read more
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RE:Check Your Calculator, Mat Girl

Keyera is a "stealth stock" Ok, now it makes sense, I should buy it because its a stealth stock, I get it now... What the he77 does that mean anyways? I invest in good companies that pay dividends...read more
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RE:Check Your Calculator, Mat Girl

I will step in to this now and say that if you put ANY weight on what the talking heads on BNN say,then you have zero credibility.To even quote anyone on that con show shows that you are not a serious...read more
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continues LOWER

Been telling you all for three months buy GOLD the momentum play.  rate and reply