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Suncor Energy Inc New T.SU

Sector: Energy | Sub-Sector: Oil & Gas Integrated

Suncor Energy Inc is an integrated energy company. Its operations include developing petroleum resource basin, Canada's Athabasca oil sands. It explores for, acquires, develops, produces & markets crude oil & natural gas in Canada and internationally.
Price: $40.47 | Change: +$0.33 | % Change: +0.82%
Volume: 2.5m | Day High/Low: 40.62/39.90 | 52 Week High/Low: 40.62/27.75

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Its easy, see.... I bought 1 billion shares of XYZ company and shorted it and made $1million yesterday.... Its called LYING. Just put the schmucks on ignore and be done with it, then you dont have to...read more
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Energy sector has 10% to go, going up

http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000268139  rate and reply
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I don't understand how you keep making a profit shorting when the stock keeps going up  rate and reply
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Nice always make profit shorting  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:turning 40

Closed one cent from its day high, good sign. We are over $40, and need to gain some stability here, of that happens, we should get into the low 40's  rate and reply
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RE:RE:turning 40

I guess you got your wish.. short the dog some more..  rate and reply
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RE:turning 40

a little higher and I shot this dog again I make money every time  rate and reply
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turning 40

Here we are turning 40.   I foresee excellent results throughout 2014. Yes there will be a few bumps as this always happens when a company has a dozen or more material revenue generating assets...read more
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Lower and i'm still short from just under 40

Keep up the hope cos it's hopeless  rate and reply
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MS strategist Adam Parker: Value is the new momentum

http://blogs.wsj.com/moneybeat/2014/04/14/value-is-the-new-momentum-in-three-charts/ Energy and consumer-staples typically outperform in this environment. Suncor is a deep valuestock in the energy...read more
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RE:When EVEN the LIES get TWISTED... what then?

Proud one; Ranting has its place even long long rants However this is a place for brief blogs about one company. So please zip your lips or tie your hands behind your back Mat  rate and reply
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TD Waterhouse Weekly Video April 4, focus on Oil Sands/SU

A 9 min interview of a fellow from TD Asset Management, explaining the attractive investment Canadian Oil Sands companies represented as an alternative to US oil shale companies. It's particularly: ...read more
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I'm in short big time

SU is about to be crushed and I'm short from 39.96  rate and reply
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When EVEN the LIES get TWISTED... what then?

Given modern media’s highly effective ability to influence the minds of desensitized populous governed by increasingly belligerent elites – the new way slave owners are guiding every step each slave...read more
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I've actually never shorting a stock.. but in referenence to this thread its just jr shooting off again  rate and reply
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Him's short comments

Mat girl and gashole,I cant speak for HImmer exactly but i think its only a barb directed at jr paulson.You two must have the guy on ignore. I dont have paulson on ignore yet but he always posts the...read more
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For technical analysists

is it just me or did we just double top today? $40.03 yesterday and then $40.02 today, looks like $40 is the ceiling?? Is two days in a row too close together to call a double top? I am thinking it is...read more
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I dont know what Himmler is talking about, it must be Itsalie Im guessing? Didnt see anyone mention shorting.  rate and reply
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Himmler; I am not aware of anyone shorting in recent weeks unless it is someone I have on ignore. Who is shorting? Mat  rate and reply
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You,ve done a great job 'shorting' this stock from $33 all the way up to $40.And you still are stupid enough to keep posting?LOL cheap entertainment you are lol.  rate and reply