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Shore Gold Inc T.SGF

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Industrial Metals & Minerals

Shore Gold Inc. is a Canadian-based mineral exploration and development company. The company's mineral property portfolio consists of diamond properties.
Price: $0.24 | Change: $-0.005 | % Change: -2.04%
Volume: 31,145 | Day High/Low: 0.25/0.24 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.45/0.115

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Pickinbottles1. Very impressed with your "last"  "accumulation now" post and subsequent SP rise to $.45. I believe you and Crocky predicted the price would go to $.40-$.50. Pretty impressive (The SP...read more
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RE: RE: pickinbottles1

TIMING is good .  rate and reply
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Can't argue any of your points. I took a break from spending money on SGF over those same 5 years.......I am refreshed and ready for gains. I feel someone is accumulating now.....where all I saw over...read more
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I have owned Shore Gold for 5 years and added to my holding. I have watched,and what I have learned ,...1  a great potential project with poor, self-interested management has a problem.  2   a company...read more
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RE:Re-" other means"

Just curious. ....would a "regular" lender touch it with a 12 foot pole? ??? LOL. Watch and learn. ...... GLTA Pickinbottles  rate and reply
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Re-" other means"

If  the share price is too low it will not be a viable option for getting money. No regular lender will touch this with a 10 foot pole.  Management could come up with a sympathetic private lender...read more
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RE:adventurous investors

Stock Calculatorhttp://fiis.in/stock-eligibility-calculator/  rate and reply
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RE:adventurous investors

Stock Eligibility Calculator [url=Stock Calculatorhttp://fiis.in/stock-eligibility-calculator/]Stock Eligibility Calculator[/url]  rate and reply
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adventurous investors

This will be the third time that I analyze the shares of Shore Gold Inc. since 2009. The last was on Dec. 14, 2012, when the shares were trading for $0.22. >>>Related articles: http://www.google.com...read more
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Kenneth MacNeill and George Read's Shore Gold Inc. (SGF) gained 1.5 cents to 25.5 cents on 220,000 shares on word the federal government has completed its review of Shore's environmental impact...read more
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RE:Call that a run?

From 22 cents to 45 cents was  a momentum run for sure....Now what one did with that is another...I myself, jumped in a couple of times to make a little coin...a run is a run.....jump in, don't get...read more
4 stars

Call that a run?

Sorry Oceans, I don't know if you can call this a run. Perhaps a run for the door? Any idea what the cash position is today? Heard a rumor that Ken only had 4 million shares left in the company. Don't...read more
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Good stuff.....coming together.......finally see a shed of light at end of tunnel....Not exercising those 27 cent options is  a friggen pee-off though...It kinda stopped the momentum run here....  rate and reply
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Star - Orion South Diamond Project Revised EIS: Technical Review Completed By CEAA Tuesday, April 15, 2014   Star - Orion South Diamond Project Revised EIS: Technical...read more
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Diamonds & Specialty Minerals Summary for April 14

2014-04-14 18:25 ET - Market Summary by Will Purcell Kenneth MacNeill and George Read's Shore Gold Inc. (SGF) fell two cents to 24.5 cents on 308,000 shares. There has not been a peep of encouragement...read more
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Like I posted on March 19...................................

Beware mid 20's until end of summer. You can change a pig's name; but wouldn't it still be the same pig? Remeber this is a great investment at this price. Look at the location of the property; located...read more
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re- name change

This company does not need a new name, it needs new management. If Ken and his cronies were to disappear because of aliens, the stock price would double the next day. You can put lipstick, a nice...read more
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RE:Current Management

Management could'n't even make money off of these options so why not get new ones for a even cheaper price. Lets see what happens to these new options down the road. Cheers, BB  rate and reply
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Current Management

These guys have to go for the property to have any chance in my view. Cheers, BB   As of 11:59pm ET April 13th, 2014 Filing Date Transaction Date Insider Name Ownership Type Securities...read more
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Also forgot to mention that I enjoy reading your articles Rick........keep up the good work.....Maybe write something on Fuel Cell sector :0)  rate and reply