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Pretium Resources Inc T.PVG

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Industrial Metals & Minerals
Alternate Symbol(s): PVG|T.PVG.WT

Pretium Resources, Inc., is an exploration and development company that was formed for the acquisition, exploration and development of precious metal resource properties in the Americas.
Price: $6.14 | Change: $-0.08 | % Change: -1.29%
Volume: 145,366 | Day High/Low: 6.34/6.03 | 52 Week High/Low: 10.67/2.83

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Have you ever farted too hard or laughed too hard got a little 'nightowl' or some 'traderjen' in your shorts? Oooowww I hate that.  rate and reply
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RE:I have heard of the GREAT

I just read over the history of Barrick's Eskay Creek mine. I think the eventual site plan for PVG could be very similar. One million dollars a day, ...sounds great to me.  rate and reply
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I have heard of the GREAT

flood,the Great depression,but NEVER a great $27 Gold stock trading at six bucks...Wut a laff.  rate and reply
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RE:Only P O S in the red today

PVG. Great ore body, great management, great location, great relationship with the natives, and great environment awareness.  Best out there, maybe best ever.  To the real investors, 'hang in there...read more
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RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:The Majors

TraderJen wrote "It's so typical to see some conehead ask about a short position every time there is legitimate questions about a company. Just because you are long does not mean you should turn your...read more
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RE:RE:I am still waiting

...read more
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RE:I am still waiting

What position did you have with Stathcona again?  rate and reply
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RE:Medical Marijuana...

"A portion of the proceeds from this one-time production will be used to fund initiatives in northern British Columbia promoting community development."  What a great company,  smart too.  rate and reply
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RE:What a pile of dog Shut

You're selling??? Ya right. You sold a long time ago. Shorter!  rate and reply
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Medical Marijuana...

Wow, this forum could probably use sum strong "catnip" following that subtle blurb in their latest NR...Wut has become of their initial plan to fund this mine...??? Perhaps they can afford a few...read more
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I am still waiting

for all the posters who tried to convince us all that the 1000 tonnes was going to provide 30% of the mill CAPEX to explain  where they screwed up.  Even an acknowledgement that their mining knowledge...read more
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expectations and sunny beaches

the chatter led us to believe that the latest bulk sample was going to be spectacular. 3.12 ounces of gold is spectacular! all kinds of junior explorers are banging their chest and ranting and raving...read more
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Only P O S in the red today

The male cheerleaders are now on a one week blitz to keep themselves from going postal and its not working, stock is crashing.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:The Majors

It's so typical to see some conehead ask about a short position every time there is legitimate questions about a company. Just because you are long does not mean you should turn your brain off.  rate and reply
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I'm trader as well... This stock is about to break the $6 support level and land in the $3-$5 range, very quickly. Notice the low volume? "Therefore is a SELL here NOW."  rate and reply
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PVG is consolidating at the bottom of the 6.00CAD to the 8.50 range therefore is a BUY here NOW  rate and reply
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What a pile of dog Shut

This stock is total garbage...case closed, selling and had enough of these bre-x's  rate and reply
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RE:Apology to miningman

Mining Man, I thought you knew what you were talking about but I hoped you were way too conservative in the BS...   :)  rate and reply
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Past examples of majors taking early stakes in successful exploration would be Kinross taking a significant stake in Underworld Resources (UW.v) which they subsequently acquired after key discoveries...read more
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RE:RE:RE:RE:The Majors

I doubt that you have been anywher near a mine in your life. As to your comment that Barrick or Goldcop only buy producers -you are full of s**t. Miners have to replace ounces(or tons) as they mine...read more