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Poseidon Concepts Corp T.PSN

Sector: Energy | Sub-Sector: Oil & Gas Equipment & Services

Price: N/A | Change: N/A | %Change: N/A
Volume: 0 | Day High/Low: N/A/N/A | 52 Week High/Low: 16.14/0.19

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4.5 stars

RE:RE:I'm with the other 99%

Kherson does have an amazing ability to pick stocks that go to ZERO, keep up the good work !!  rate and reply
1 star

RE:I'm with the other 99%

You are obviously in the wrong side of the street JMHO glta  rate and reply
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plittle2 wrote: Kherson---thanks for the update as well as your on going and informative postings---trust me your reports are greatly appreciated by the vast majority on this BB---keep up the good...read more
1.5 stars


Kherson---thanks for the update as well as your on going and informative postings---trust me your reports are greatly appreciated by the vast majority on this BB---keep up the good work--thanks.  rate and reply
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On July 8th, Siskinds LLP and another law firm announced their intentions to include KPMG in the Class Action Lawsuits. Three weeks later, PennWest announces their review of their internal accounting...read more
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I'm with the other 99%

I'm with the 99% of stockhouse users that know Kherson is totally incompetent and a blow hard  rate and reply
1.5 stars

RE:Spread the Love

I am your side Kherson...Actually I am on the side of everyone who's posting good content or informations in this BB and not only stupidity as some of them. Regulator of SH should block these people...read more
2 stars

Spread the Love

It"s nice to see that some of my fellow posters have been doing what they can to set me straight. It's even nicer that one feller is so interested in my well-being that he has created 5 or 6 alias's...read more
5 stars

RE:Kherson all of stockhouse is laughing at you

Remember when Kherson said PSN could not go under $15 ? Or what about AET.UN getting bought out at $9.50 ? How does this guy afford internet service?  rate and reply
3.5 stars

Poor poor Kherson

Kherson is just sore that I have made a killing shorting anything he buys. LOL LOL  rate and reply
4 stars

Kherson all of stockhouse is laughing at you

Kherson you are a complete loser and you have the worst investment skills in the history of stockhouse.  rate and reply
0.5 stars

RE:September 10, 2012

It doesn't look like sazzygirl nor mmcrusher will be enlightening us after all... Lol... Kherson P.S. It wasn't me who asked that the plug be pulled on the poster behind these two alias's, but I thank...read more
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Kherson's conspiracy theories

Kherson makes his stock picks by talking to aliens and Elvis....  rate and reply
3.5 stars

Kherson has never bought a stock that went up

Kherson has more dumb conspiracy theories then Mel Gibson  rate and reply
1.5 stars

September 10, 2012

Now this is an interesting date for some of today's posters. Maybe Sazzygirl and mmcrusher might like to enlighten us on it... Lol Kherson  rate and reply
3.5 stars

New Hobby

Kherson should get a new hobby, he is terrible at investing and PSN shareholders should come to grips with the fact they will get nothing... sorry sad but true...  rate and reply
4 stars

Dont stop posting Kherson

Don't stop posting Kherson, how else can we all short what your buying. LOL  rate and reply
4 stars

Way too funny !!

Look at Kherson's track record, AET.UN PSN CUS PWT This guy is the WORST investor EVER..... ha ha  rate and reply
2.5 stars

RE:Kherson's old news

I like getting Kherson's updates on the lawsuits, so please take his advice and put him on ignore so we don't have to suffer through all the mindless Kherson bashing posts.  rate and reply
4 stars

Kherson's old news

All of stockhouse knows every stock Kherson buys goes down, sometimes to ZERO  rate and reply