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Precision Drilling Corporation T.PD

Sector: Energy | Sub-Sector: Oil & Gas Equipment & Services

Precision Drilling Corp is a provider of contract drilling and completion and production services primarily to oil and natural gas exploration and production companies in Canada, the United States and certain international locations.
Price: $13.26 | Change: +$0.18 | %Change: +1.38%
Volume: 535,470 | Day High/Low: 13.33/13.08 | 52 Week High/Low: 15.65/9.20

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RE:lost 3 Rigs in Iraq ?

That explains the $2 drop in the last two months and also explains why PD is trading down pre market. Unusual considering Nat Gas and oil are up pre market.  rate and reply
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lost 3 Rigs in Iraq ?

Heard from a trusted friend that they may have lost 3 rigs in Iraq. Company has not confirmed nor deny this. Can someone comment ASAP if they have heard the same rumor?  rate and reply
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Is PD going to buy Calmena?

Calmena management continues to focus on opportunities to deploy our Mexico drilling rigs, increase utilization of our directional drilling assets in the US and manage costs across the Company to...read more
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RE:RE:RE:selling at open, Nat gas and oil down big!

Cyclical for me in drillers is cash during the summer months. A good time to re balance your watch lists in preperation to buy in Sept / Oct and selling in March / April. - World politics and economy...read more
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RE:RE:selling at open, Nat gas and oil down big!

So what's cyclical at the moment? How low is PD going? I thought PD was just about to enter it's peak Fall season. It's Nat Gas that is killing this. It's pretty sad when I know what's going to happen...read more
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RE:selling at open, Nat gas and oil down big!

Its not the end of the world, maybe you should try cyclical investing. Rather than crying try a new strategy. Commodities Symbol Price   Change %Change OIL 96.93   -0.42 -0...read more
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selling at open, Nat gas and oil down big!

Commodity prices are tumbling after hours. Know is not the time to be in the market. Oil is going to$90 and Nat Gas is going to $3.50, time to get out. PD will get re rated, the analysts will change...read more
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I will agree with one thing

The only sure thing is that nothing is guaranteed.  You can have all the tools and analyst reports in the world but I completely agree that there is no idiot savant that can predict the future.  The...read more
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Thanks for the advice!

I sold half my position and will use the $12.99 as a trend line.  If it breaks below $13 I'm out of the market until things stabilize.  The market was decidedly down and heading sub $13, it was only a...read more
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RE:So you are saying sell!

UL13,  The reason you should sell now isn't that you'll be able to buyback cheaper, its because you don't know what you are doing, why you are doing it and its clear you don't have the tools to figure...read more
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Analyst Comment

Never liked Acker (too arrogant) and now he's beginning to question his model. But his price for PD is interesting. Unlucky 13 - You don't seem to have the temperament to invest in the stock market...read more
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So you are saying sell!

I can't ride this drop to $6. I want to see some stability but if Nat gas keeps dropping it will go to single digits. Better to sell know and buy back when it hits ten I think. But I don't want to...read more
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RE:what scares me is the Nat gas price

13..you need to keep it together.. You're only out if you sell... If you need the liquidity now, then maybe take the loss.. And never invest again.  Or you ride out the dowside.. Was 16 way back...read more
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what scares me is the Nat gas price

I am afraid Nat gas prices dip to 2008/2009 levels and this stock could go back to single digits. That would wipe me out. If I buy BTE it's probably a more steady eddy. BTE is also hedged, I think PD...read more
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Need advice

Where the bottom for this stock?  What is the end game?  I am down $2 a share and it appears nat gas and oil will drop even further.  Is it too risky hiding this any longer?  Will this go to $11 again...read more
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RE:RE:What a dud!

Are you buying at these levels?  I am waiting to $12.  That's what the smart money is doing!  rate and reply
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RE:What a dud!

good...hope to hear from you never....  rate and reply
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What a dud!

Seriously, how much lower can this go!  the market is up 100 points and PD is down!  Next stop, $13, then $12.  Selling everything tomorrow and buying back in at $11!  What a dud!  I bet the farm and...read more
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RE:RE:Is this a buy at $13.50 still?

What I am concerned about is entry point and exit point. I don't want to buy tomorrow and watch the bottom fall out but I also don't want to miss the charge back. I was just wondering if $13.50 is the...read more
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RE:Is this a buy at $13.50 still?

Unlucky13 - I'm not sure whether you're cut out for the stock market given that you just purchased at over $15 and now you're questioning whether you should buy at $12 or $13. Presumably you conducted...read more