ronz, let me understand your post.

You are faulting little old me as an co-OWNER of the company whos should have sold/traded my shares instead of firing the mismanagers for ruining OUR company, ...and in this, guess as to when to buy it back and "hope" that my timing was right?

Are you for real? Shame on you.

The OWNERS have the RIGHT to fire those fukn Pirates -period.  Do you think that any respectable BOD on Wall/Bay street would put up with this orgy of failure, corporate pillage of undeserved bonuses, dilution/loans to pay for bloated fat cats, etc.?  A 15% share price drop in RIM got the founders fired 2 years ago !!  and that should have happened with this disgraceful mess.

It is MY RIGHT to demand that the Pirates be sacked immediately for these failures.  Yes, these failures so we have some hope of recouping our investment back.

I am very happy that you were able to time the market nicely and make profits "trading". I don't generally do that, but for a number of years I averaged down very significantly.

At this time, I am out of funds to either purchase more (not that I would) or take a chance that I sell, and it goes up, and I can't buy back in.  Therefore, my desire is to enhance our shareholder value by ridding ourselves of the Pirates.

I am glad you think we are in an "upswing", but with my investment, we are an order of magnitude and then double from near break even.  There are dozens of people (including pensioners) that I personally know that lost hundreds of thousands of dollars (not pesos) thanks to the Pirates.
This theft should be illegal, so don't shoot the messenger.  Perhaps you are satisfied with these sewer rats -I am not.