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Kinross Gold Corporation T.K

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Gold
Alternate Symbol(s): KGC|T.K.WT.C|T.K.WT.D

Kinross Gold Corporation is a gold mining company. The Company's mines and projects are in Brazil, Canada, Chile, Ecuador, Ghana, Mauritania, Russia and the United States.
Price: $4.46 | Change: $-0.08 | % Change: -1.76%
Volume: 1.3m | Day High/Low: 4.55/4.44 | 52 Week High/Low: 6.875/4.42

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Russia is the issue for Kinross now

The inflation numbers released are the biggest load of garbage the Government/Bank has ever released. They play up to the Americans to keep the dollar strength. Dollar will collapse. Coffee, Pork...read more
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back to "heavy overweight" on K...

get ready for the big run  rate and reply
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BOC theft with negative real rates and empty gold coffers...

roflmao  rate and reply
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Poloz says deflation loomig... March CPI up 0.6%

Government theft and real wage declines. BOC fiat games are embarrassing. If you invested in a one year term deposit at 1%, you lost 60% of your interest in ONE month due to inflation.  rate and reply
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RE:Bank of Canada holds paltry $140 million in gold reserves..

If the West is really facing a reset of their currencies and a new Reserve Currency, then the last thing TPTB want is the discipline of a gold standard. They have been incredibly successful using fiat...read more
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correction on UK debt..

UK only has $2.047 trillion in public debt, and with $13 billion of gold reserves,represents a .64% gold reserve ratio. They still stand at the third worst amongst G8 nations. That's why the BOE has...read more
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Nobody listens to Goldman anymore...

Don't listen to the squid, those guys have been screwing up the world's macro economies for decades. Ever heard of Goldman's Robert Rubin and the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act. It led to the...read more
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Bank of Canada holds paltry $140 million in gold reserves..

Canada holds the least amount of gold reserves relative to it's public debt of $680 billion, a paltry .02%, the lowest amongst G8 countries. The Bank of Japan holds $32.2 billion in gold reserves, or...read more
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Goldman same warning two years in a row

Issued a warning of low gold about a week earlier last year. Gold fell $250 in a week. Creeps issue the same forecast for this year. http://www.kitco.com/news/2014-04-14/Goldman-Reiterates-1050Oz-Gold...read more
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RE:Question the Ecuador land

xxxsniper--- No it's completely dead. Management made the decision that they could not run the project on a 30% profit, after, and if gold hit $2500 an ounce all the costs were paid back and a cap put...read more
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Question the Ecuador land

is the project in Ecuador competely dead in the water or is there a chance that it can be brought back to the table?  rate and reply
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RE:RE:gold is gold

Some new rules to catch the crooks and there are a lot of them, mostly in the US, the most corrupt market in the world. Dodd-Frank Gives Financial Market Regulators More Power By Debbie...read more
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Should of bounced

Wow over 2 years after the redback deal and Kinross is still being punished--- I'm thinking to take the big loss and move into another gold stock  Which gold stock do you think has the best upside...read more
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RE:gold is gold

How much is the stock being beaten up by high frequency traders? How many trades are actual trades vs. cross trades?  rate and reply
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gold is gold

K should have a great start to the trading week starting in the A.M. This stock has been beat up too much. Had to buy in on Friday. K will move up nicely,  rate and reply
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K seems to have no problem with all that is happen in Russia

at his moment.. use google translate to read the news "Kinross Gold" has expressed interest in the implementation of infrastructure projects in Chukotka not a minning news but... http://severdv...read more
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RE:RE:Bought 1000 shares today @ $4.60

Lots of buying at the bell. Could make for a fun Monday AM.  rate and reply
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RE:Bought 1000 shares today @ $4.60

I would like to see a close of 4.63 or better. Something above 4.70 would be even better.  rate and reply
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Bought 1000 shares today @ $4.60

The risk/reward to buying Kinross at these levels looks incredibly attractive. I bought 1000 shares today at $4.60. Just wish I had more cash to buy more. I won't be selling my shares for less than...read more
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RE:Gold corp Bid for osisko 3.6 billion $ kinross valuation

Agree F. K has been the whipping boy of the hedge fund shorts for a long time....K's management made some bad deals in the past and are paying over and over for them......Tasaist is the biggest...read more