Just when you thought oil was going down, bam! This is exactly why one does their best not to hold any investments overnight in light of the news that goes on after hours that can effect commodities and stocks.

Libyan Prime Minister Kidnapped

Libya has annouced that its Prime Minister, Ali Zeidan, has been kidnapped by a group of men believed to be former rebels.
The government said in a statement that Zeidan was taken early Thursday from a Tripoli hotel where he lives to an unknown location. The motive was also not known.
His abduction comes amid anger over Saturday's U.S. special forces raid in Libya that nabbed senior al-Qaida operative Abu Anas al-Libi. Libya called on the United States to explain the operation, and Zeidan said on Tuesday that his country wants to keep good relations with the United States.
Libya has struggled with instability and violence since the ouster of longtime dictator Moammar Gadhafi in late 2011.
Rebel groups that fought against Gadhafi's forces have given rise to militias and militant groups who control parts of the country.
Attacks have targeted foreign diplomatic missions in Libya, including the Russian embassy last week, the French embassy in April and a U.S. consulate last year.

Libyan Prime Minister Kidnapped

In this case oil up ~ 1% along with NG in sympathy afterhours when you have no control to buy or sell. I made most of my money in HOD on Wednesday, but no way was I going to hold overnight, thank dog!http://touch.investing.com/markets/

Hopefully energy rallies higher as it may make for a great short now.

Hopefully all is well with Zeidan under the circumstances. Sick world we live in when incidents like this effect investments.

Cheers, $-)