the lack of sunspots this solar maximum and the record number of volcanic eruptions last year
are the cause of the cold winter and will also be the reason for the cold summer.
Santa Maria Volcano in 1902 and low sunspots on that solar cycle = record cold between 1905 and 1910.
The record amount of Marcellus and Haynesville available since 2008 will also be a factor effecting NG prices. Remember we did not go to $13 on record cold , the price had a hard time getting to $6+ and only sustained it for a few days with a funky expiration and polar vortex hype.
After that it has been sideways at $4.50's . These facts are what one must consider as the price could fall to $2.50 the bottom of the range since 2008.
It is easier for the price to fall in 2014 than it is to break above the side ways channel top.
The risk is being bullish. The bear is out their and if you have superstitions The Russian Bear is coming out of hibernation.
No Sunspots, Record Volcanic activity last year, lots of frack gas everywhere = price lower.