The futures traders likely to push up the spot and UGAZ current $30 opens $30.80 to $31.10. My trade is week over week with a pre-determined long term bias (2 weeks to 8 weeks) and short term bias (tomorrow to 2 weeks). If you are longer term only one side will win. if up big gap have an exit strategy to fade out, forget perfection and greed.

I see a set up the Wed through to Fri move at $34.40 UGAZ. One then needs to look at DGAZ short term unless conditions confirm a trend can hold on Uside into next week. 

Had markets been open Sun DGAZ would have traded $4.65. Price just got caught Monday on the weather in transition which halted the gain on the Fri DGAZ hold. I project I am likely to buy DGAZ considerably lower than Monday close Feb 3rd-14..

Cheers Manxcan