MM has U in D ring, what will the future(s) bring. These specialists will run you around shaking the branches from $27.90 to $31.87 UGAZ, to settle in I think around $31 range pre report.

EIA report should confirm winter is not over and market concern of low working gas. Other than a gamble no sense to hold DGAZ through to end of report b/c UGAZ pre report will not be high enough to make DGAZ an all in trade. 

Mild weekend forecast gave D trade an exit and Monday back to winter reality. At best some day trades to Thurs I would think.  Ugaz I held will sell Wed ot hold through report.sold as said I would today, nice 11% return.  I would buy UGAZ if I see $27.90 = 10% off high either Monday or Tues. 

I have a $3.40 DGAZ open buy order for February based on Mar futures contract NG volatility. I will pay what it gives, not what I project.  To do $3.40 I need UGAZ $34.30 = doable DGAZ fill.

GLTA Cheers Manx