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Horizons BetaPro NYMEX Natural Gas Bull Plus ETF T.HNU

Price: $12.31 | Change: +$0.17 | %Change: +1.40%
Volume: 1.3m | Day High/Low: 12.32/11.93 | 52 Week High/Low: 20.69/8.50

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Hee Haw, now $3.98 :) http://touch.investing.com/commoditie

Hee Haw, now $3.98 :)   http://touch.investing.com/commodities/natural-gas  rate and reply
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Rotflmao, 10 minutes later, natural gas now $4.00 $-) http:

Rotflmao, 10 minutes later, natural gas now $4.00 $-)   http://touch.investing.com/commodities/natural-gas   Going $3.80's! NG was 4.02 10 minutes ago, 4.07 a few hours ago, 4.02 12 hours...read more
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Atlantic Hurricane & Tropical Storm Center

Atlantic Hurricane & Tropical Storm Center   Tropical Depression 5 is located at 20.1 N, -93.6 W with maximum sustained winds of 40 mph, gusting to 50 mph..  rate and reply
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4.02, hee haw, http://touch.investing.com/commodities/natura

4.02, hee haw, http://touch.investing.com/commodities/natural-gas disregard the 4.06, that's nothing more than manipulated b/s but you already know that.  rate and reply
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Kerplunk! Nice b/s bull trap on Friday, hee haw, 4.084 > 4.0

Kerplunk! Nice b/s bull trap on Friday, hee haw, 4.084 > 4.043 Sunday, 6:04 PM, with no threat of hurricanes in GoM or exorbitant heat, albeit cooling trend in play in a few days.  GLTA, short remains...read more
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Silver has been rangebound yes. Aren't you afraid of El Nino on NG? 60 or 70% chance last I heard.  rate and reply
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I believe the Cot sentiment has to change soon, the oil fear premium is close to $0 and the risk is greater than  it's been for many years. Coupled with low Chinese stocks and improving economies...read more
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The biggest change in the hedging came in gold out of the biggest commodities. Very bearish, while gold has actually gone up over the week. Maybe JDST a good bet. Honk Honk.  rate and reply
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http://www.cftc.gov/dea/options/petroleum_lof.htm COT report shows crude oil was still bearish as of Tuesday, in terms of hedging and MM's. Unless the outlook has changed with the EIA report, then D...read more
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There she goes!  Even though the Ukraine is probably why oil is jumping today. Comments from Cameron this morning are sounding like a precurser to UK.US intervention in Iraq. Given Isis is adopting a...read more
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Are you a Belieber yet?! I should charge a suscription fee!  rate and reply
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Condolences to the loser who I gave the ASTI pick to, victim of my pump and dump schemes. Reached new highs today just moments ago. Hope you sold. Remember who's your daddy!  rate and reply
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While you NG traders were sleeping

Made $$ in ASTI for a 3% gain in less than a minute hold as per the Ford Nation Day Trade strategy I posted on D board a few days ago. If I spotted it sooner, would have made much more. Big short...read more
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Dear inves20 and Manxcan , Our doctor bulls,  please play with us. because we are both long holders and daily traders. We need long and near trend. Of course, we need daily trips too. As a good...read more
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The weekly chart looks like a long term uptrend. End of Aug 2012 close was 2.86, End of Aug 2013 close was 3.53, end of Aug 2014 looks like it will be above $4.00. With Hurrican season, low storage...read more
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Sorry talking about the symbol: END on NYSE, not that NG has bottomed out. Staying out of this fraudmodity.  rate and reply
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Looks like it has bottomed out.  rate and reply
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TROV was up 13% at one point, Honk Honk. Yup, since when did you become an NG expert? Good luck trading this crud. Rob Ford account locked, again! Some paid basher trying to stop me from helping you...read more
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The winter forecast

It is too easy. The sunspot count is very low, the sun is putting out less energy this minimum. Winter is going to be cold again and customer base continues to grow. The current 500 Bcuft less than...read more
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The trend U

As it should based on no dramatic volatioity change on weather index U fulfilled the report price upside in a similar fashion to last week, Do not ignore the NG a/c demand which is driven by intense...read more