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Guyana Goldfields Inc T.GUY

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Gold

Guyana Goldfields Inc acquires, explores, evaluates and develops mainly gold resource properties in Guyana and South America. It mainly develops Aurora Gold Project and ongoing exploration for gold at its Aranka Project.
Price: $3.33 | Change: $-0.03 | %Change: -0.89%
Volume: 79,134 | Day High/Low: 3.39/3.28 | 52 Week High/Low: 3.43/1.53

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no longer appears to be trading in line with POG

not a bad thing either.  Yesterday gold was down 15 or so, and GUY held its own.  Today gold is up 3, and GUY is still holding up. Nice to see.  rate and reply
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I agree , much like lsg and mto(check out latest drill results) also MND ,these junior producers sp has moved up last little while , GUY will to but may take a little longer as they are not producing...read more
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GUY is being rerated as a  producer its gonna be a big year even if gold remains flat imo we will hit at least $5 and if gold breaks above $1400 then we could easily go above $6. it isnt just guy...read more
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agreed, this thing is looking really good.  can anyone confirm next level of resistance?  on the 3 years chart it looks like $4.....any insight greatley apperciated... double on to a triple? =)  rate and reply
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Gold down over 1% guy rocking....close is very important...3.34 or over and we are set....  rate and reply
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current state of the PM market

the highest quality mining stocks like guy are taking off first, they will lead the rest of the pack higher.  rate and reply
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yes investors in PM stocks in current sittuation are looking for either producers or soon to be producers with high margin and well financed...developement projects like GUY with a tight SS are rear...read more
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my perspective is that this market has not been like prior bulls over the past couple decades. It has been insular to large cap and mid cap reality plays. There has been no funny money floating around...read more
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RE:RE:RE:RE:Gold and higher interest rates

that is why I say long term. Currency devaluation will be at the request/demand/manipulation of the sitting governments to boost growth.  That is my theory. They have absolutely nothing else other...read more
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RE:RE:RE:Gold and higher interest rates

aree on many front s but disagree on currency inflation...imo what currency inflation/ purches power devaluation thinkers forget is that financial world in 2008 colapse in a huge deflationary spiral...read more
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RE:RE:Gold and higher interest rates

Good reading here. Nice to read the thoughts out there with some logic behind them. My thesis is revolving around inflation caused by currency devaluing. Currency inflation basically. What will cause...read more
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RE:Gold and higher interest rates

The fed can;t raise rates itll cause a recession. the whole "recovery" is based on asset price inflation raising rates lowers asset prices and poof back in recession. so forget what goldman says, and...read more
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yeah we are looking at a bull market like the 2000-2006/7 bull. don't sell out too soon but of course there will be corrections along the way. now is the time to get greedy, the large cap miners and...read more
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perhapes i am still in a bear mood...hard to switch when the correction is lasting so long...just lucky i cought the bottom and had cash on hand...  rate and reply
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Gold and higher interest rates

is the talk i hear all the time especialy from goldman...the story goes like this...higher interest rates influence the oportunity cost of gold therefore make it less atractive as an investment in a...read more
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you wouldnt, bc just as valuations become extremely depressed during bear markets, they become the opposite during bull markets. I mean we had a 1.5 billion market cap in 2011 and look how far weve...read more
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for 5B valuation you would need aas you said 2k + gold price and 450-500 koz/year production...with further exploration that s doable...  rate and reply
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don't forget, todays valuations for producers are dirt cheap. when gold is above 1500 and rising, and the market is forward looking...guy will easily make it above $20 during this cycle....market cap...read more
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been trying to compare guy with other mid-tier producers in the 150 koz per year production in terms of valuation...i know guy isn t queit there yet but in a year and some it will be...also looked at...read more
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would like to see more volume here but the Bollinger Bands are puckered right up and we have consolidated well for a time here and another move to the upside is hopefully in process.  The gap is...read more