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Eldorado Gold Corporation T.ELD

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Gold

Eldorado Gold Corp is a gold exploration, development, mining and production company. It owns and operates gold, iron ore and silver-lead-zinc mines.
Price: $8.07 | Change: +$0.09 | %Change: +1.13%
Volume: 1.4m | Day High/Low: 8.10/7.95 | 52 Week High/Low: 10.08/5.73

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Loaded the bus again

It's been a great week again for Eldorado the momentum play in the sector. I've been selling over 8.12 and reload under 8 what a play this has been again. Keep adding physical GOLD along the way as...read more
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London Gold Market Fixing Ltd., Wants 3rd Party to Run Fix

http://www.mineweb.com/mineweb/content/en//mineweb-gold-news?oid=247772&sn=Detail Third party sought to run London gold fix The London Gold Market Fixing Ltd is seeking a third party to take over...read more
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drunken goldminer possee raids "Alpha Conference"

they left a mess and stold some caviar and champagne. They said they were sick of beans.  rate and reply
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I buy my clothes at Target/Walmart, own tons of gold though

ROFLMAO  rate and reply
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all gold investors know summer is squid fishing season...

Holidays are always booked for the first week of September.  rate and reply
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Goldman hiring new commodities head (annual summer event)

$1050 !, another $250 to go. We wait in anticipation for the next "slam dunk" in a negative real interest rate world. You are about to enter the "twilight zone"  rate and reply
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Reuters/CNBC/Goldman gold smear campaign is over..

Didn't your mom ever tell you not to kick a dog too much. GOLD MINERS RULE !  rate and reply
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China growth

The uptick in Chinese gross domestic product growth surpassed forecasts that expansion would hold to the 7.4% rate seen in the first quarter, according to separate surveys of economists from Reuters...read more
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Canada to slap a 15% tax on curry take out orders...

to retaliate against India's import tariff on Canadian gold exports. The second biggest gold market in the world is effectively being fixed and manipulated - G 20 is a farce, nothing but a tax payer...read more
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$2.3 bln dump in gold futures only good for $10 drop on spot

Gold market is getting bigger and more liquid, it's harder to make things run. This is a good thing. GOLD and SILVER are REAL money.  rate and reply
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gold miners laugh at re-hypothecated gold paper shenenigans

what, you think we don't remember the year 2000, we're thick, but not THAT thick. ROFLMAO  rate and reply
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they're selling gold to pump their paper cra$..

they think we is stupid or something. :)  rate and reply
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Germans melt World Cup, market absorbs re-hypothecation well

GOLD and SILVER are MONEY  rate and reply
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RE:Bank of England Q&A..

Posters it's time for GOLD BMO needs ELD shares as we can see but it's cap size is the reason they don't load on ELD shares top holders in ELD are in great future first to break 14 BMO Junior Gold...read more
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Canadian dollar crashes on elevated HFT& banking/GDP ratio

duh, too much paper shuffling, not enough REAL production  rate and reply
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gold miners CRUSH the loonie

he he  rate and reply
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the central bank paper ponzi is pretty much over...

gold knows this, that's why it is moving higher  rate and reply
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buying gold mining shares with the broker/bankers

We have seen these patterns for years now. Retail put in their market orders early, seeing gold up big before the markets open. The bank/brokers fill the orders on the big gap up and than fade the...read more
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gold shorts, get in the cage for your BEAT DOWN..

eom  rate and reply
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Ready now for the moon shot

ELDORADO GOLD is set for a very very large move higher please allow me to explain very large move to come to ELD load load load now!  rate and reply