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Candente Copper Corp T.DNT

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Copper

Candente Copper Corp is a mineral exploration company. The Company is engaged in exploration and development of its copper projects including Canariaco Norte copper project, Canariaco Sur deposit, Quebrada Verde and Jehuamarca prospects.
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RE:some good info.

This Cadaval character uses multiple IDs and I would be very cautious with whatever he/she posts here. cadaval wrote: Candente Copper is listed by First Quantum, as having one of the Major Copper...read more
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RE:References in the PFS, for Cañariaco Norte, Sur and Q.Verde

July is almost over, the results of metallurgical tests should be declared according to DNT Presentation. But not yet.  Why? Not finished? lower recovery or other reasons? Who knows? This indicates...read more
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Copper Commission concerned by the high cost of energy

The Chilean Copper Commission concerned by the high cost of energy for mining production biobiochile.cl The executive vice president of the Chilean Copper Commission, Sergio Hernandez said that...read more
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Our future in the copper

Our future in the copper Pedro Pablo Kuczynsky Diario Correo To reduce poverty we need to grow our economy. At the same time, in order to grow the economy, we need foreign currency to finance basic...read more
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References in the PFS, for Cañariaco Norte, Sur and Q.Verde

7.1 Cañariaco Norte Deposit Geology   The Cañariaco Norte intrusive–breccia is hosted within a multiphase intrusive–breccias complex that is approximately 1.7 km in strike extent and 1.1 km wide...read more
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Start of trial against G. Santos-murder,kidnapping,torture

July 7, 2014 Today define start of trial against Santos Regional president of Cajamarca is accused of the crimes of kidnapping, torture and murder. Today can determine the start of the trial in the...read more
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RE:RE:the bolsa peru is the driver

Also this article wrote by FIRST- QUANTUM MINERAL ,it's helping  DNT's share price.  DNT has one to none the best copper  resources in the world. See pag, 32 http://www.first-quantum.com/files/doc...read more
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RE:the bolsa peru is the driver

more than 400000 shares already traded in peru - nice  rate and reply
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the bolsa peru is the driver

- like seeing this, 32 Cents in reach and next stop at 75, fasten your seat belts. glty  rate and reply
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FInancing? There is no cash left.

What happened to the Cobriza cash. There is no drilling. Anyone know what zahena is doing?  rate and reply
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Candente Copper Starting to Climb

DNT is climbing. Reasons for the increase: Pounds of copper in the ground continues to increase...could be 15-20 Billion Global economy is recovering as seen by the recent US and Chinese data...ADP...read more
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human rights court ruling could be the

Trigger that brings us back to 60cent-1dollar range - should come in soon. Conga was not Problem for them, hard to see that canariaco will cause them some headache. glta  rate and reply
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Santos is responsible for corruption and poverty - CONFIEP

http://elcomercio.pe/politica/justicia/santos-responsable-corrupcion-y-pobreza-segun-confiep-noticia-1738811 THURSDAY JUNE 26, 2014 | 12:30 Santos is responsible for corruption and poverty...read more
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Gregorio Santos Sentenced to 14 Months Detention

Finally justice in Peru as the corrupt and dishonest Gregorio Santos is remanded to preventative detention for 14months.  The corruption and poverty that has gripped the Cajamarca region and the...read more
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RE:DNT Potential Rebound from almost 3 yrs of discount trading!

According to the Presentation of MAY, this year, DNT should finish the metallurgical tests by the end of this months, wait and see!  rate and reply
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DNT Potential Rebound from almost 3 yrs of discount trading!

I was reminded the other day that the potentiality is there and that we could have a winner that is poised for a bullish breakout to .75 /$1 or even higher as DNT is trading at a big discount it's Net...read more
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MMG paid by 62.5% of the copper of Las Bambas:$0.098/pound

MMG paid to Glencore, by the 62.5% of the copper of Las Bambas: $0.098 / pound   Company China MMG paid $5.85 Billion for Controlling Interest (62,5%) of Las Bambas Copper Mine.  The Development of...read more
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pml at 100 mio dnt at 30, taca taca 450

When it comes to comparative valuations I think we have to see how community relations will develop, if we look at the stage of the development and the resource I think dnt would deserve at  least a...read more
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RE:DNT Facts that still hold true

Hmmm you are on crack I think..Firstly share count since those days is up over 50%.That puuts per share value less no matter how you cut it.Unless the world changes back to those lofty valuations on...read more
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DNT Facts that still hold true

The Canariaco Norte project has a current resource base of 10.3 billion pounds of copper equivalent. Canariaco Sur project has a potiential resource base of at least 5-10 billion pounds of copper...read more