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Dundee Energy Limited T.DEN

Sector: Energy | Sub-Sector: Oil & Gas E&P
Alternate Symbol(s): T.DEN.RT

Dundee Energy Ltd creates long term value through the development & acquisition of energy projects. It holds interests in: the oil & natural gas assets in Ontario; an offshore gas storage facility in Spain; and preferred shares of Eurogas International.
Price: $0.30 | Change: +$0.005 | % Change: +1.69%
Volume: 100,038 | Day High/Low: 0.33/0.29 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.55/0.235

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The Ministry of industry has requested a report to the Norwegian DNV, which stands at 1,460 million investment in the project of Vinaròs 30.03.14 - 00 - JOSE M. ORTUÑO | VALENCIA. In Tuenti CHRONOLOGY...read more
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RE:Whats up in Spain - any news eom

something, stock is at  35c  rate and reply
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Whats up in Spain - any news eom

  rate and reply
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RE:Thoughts on DEN

see below from their Q3 results....a little less than 2/3 hedged at what probably was thought to be a decent price at the time. of course that left the rest to capture both the large increase in nat...read more
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Thoughts on DEN

DEN gas production feeds into the Dawn hub in Ontario which has seen incredible pricing in the last few weeks.  DEN purchased additional gas production last year in Ontario which if unhedged will...read more
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RE:RE:Ned Goodman has resigned as a director - Feb 26/14

Rumor has it he woke up this morning and bench pressed the OSC Manual before going for a dip in Lake Ontario and having his morning banana.  rate and reply
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RE:Ned Goodman has resigned as a director - Feb 26/14

Shortly after market close, Ned Goodman, announced that he had resigned from directorships at several public companies, staying only with Dundee Corp. (DC.A: $17.09) and Dream Unlimited Corp. (DRM...read more
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RE:Ned Goodman has resigned as a director - Feb 26/14

I suspect Goodman's departure means nothing for DEN...He also resigned from Ryan Gold. Ryan Gold Corp. (RYG) slipped two cents to 15 cents on 117,000 shares, after the company confirmed that...read more
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Ned Goodman has resigned as a director - Feb 26/14

With Ned Goodman and Derek Buntain resigning I fear that Dundee is going to push to privatise the company at current prices - they may be distancing themselves from valuation.  TORONTO, ONTARIO...read more
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RE:There was a time .......

This is typical of Dundee in all they do. Tend to run their public companies like private ones. Should be great pricing for some of their natural gas if they haven't hedged it all at low prices. The...read more
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There was a time .......

March 31, 2010 - that we had $71 million in cash in the bank, no debt and were out of the Spanish project only requiring to recoup the $$$ from our 24.6% equity remaining in the project. HOW FAR WE...read more
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RE:RE:New highs

seen no news from Spain. That surely means the seismic events have stopped.  I can see permission being given to inject some more gas  to see if more seismic events happen. if they don't well...read more
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RE:New highs

Have seen no evidence of any additional news on this company from Spain. Did we all miss something? BTW, my screen keeps saying $0.32 - maybe I'm missing something here as well?  rate and reply
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New highs

Coming stay tuned load up buy all you can  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:looking for a tax loss?

Thanks for the update, wow this investment has been up and down on a long and winding road.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:looking for a tax loss?

The quake, reportedly had an epicentre 35 km southeast of the town of Alcanar, Spain. Alcanar-Valencia is approximately 135km. The epicentre of the quake was thus about 100km from the Castor facility...read more
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RE:looking for a tax loss?

http://finance.yahoo.com/news/spain-seeks-avoid-bill-closure-195027136.html;_ylt=A2KLOzHSB1dS0m0A8V_QtDMD  rate and reply
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looking for a tax loss?

buy t.den  rate and reply
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prosecutor opens criminal probe over Valencia earthquakes

fyi, don't kill the messenger.. The public prosecutor in the Spanish city of Castellon has opened an investigation into potential criminal liabilities after hundreds of unusual small earthquakes...read more
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castor halted due to seismic concerns..bouncing off 40 cents

MADRID, Sept 27 (Reuters) - The Spanish government has halted activity at the European Union-backed Castor gas storage plant after more than 200 minor earthquakes were detected near the area off the...read more