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Copper Mountain Mining Corporation T.CUM

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Copper

Copper Mountain Mining Corporation is engaged in the exploration, development, and operation of mineral properties in Canada. The Company explores for copper; and holds gold and silver credits.
Price: $2.49 | Change: +$0.16 | % Change: +6.87%
Volume: 1.3m | Day High/Low: 2.51/2.31 | 52 Week High/Low: 2.55/1.36

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International Copper Study Group Report graphed

or why i am long Copper M and dont give a hoot about short term action  rate and reply
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better link to report

wont let me link direct...copy paste and click last monthly report http://www.icsg.org/index.php/press-releases/viewcategory/114-monthly-press-release  rate and reply
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The International Copper Study Group report shows deficit

...see link below... despite what you hear on (fact free)BNN todays ICSG report which is the only real study on copper supply demand shows continued deficit further to this world usage for the last...read more
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RE:Insider selling ????

omh, the sky is falling in. thank you for posting, i have liquidated. you and hans add a lot to this forum. I will be back or not unless I forget  rate and reply
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Insider selling ????

On tmx money http://www.tmxmoney.com/TMX/HttpController?GetPage=InsiderTradeMarker&Market=T&Language=en  rate and reply
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China's state stockpiler buys +200,000 tonnes Copper

China state stockpiler buys bonded copper stocks -sources By Polly Yam HONG KONG, April 23 Wed Apr 23, 2014 6:49am   (Reuters) - China's state stockpiler has bought at least 200...read more
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RE:second crusher

Late August.....Plan/Schedule on Website  rate and reply
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Up In A Garbage Market

Yes, I like it.  rate and reply
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you are quite correct 140k tonnes is all we have

when you back out Cancelled Warrants .... 2 days and a pinch of running as of today ...there should be some supply build in the comming months but lets not forget the reports from last fall that...read more
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RE:the cupboard is bare: LME 250,000 level broached

SWALE....can you help us a bit.....can you explain Cancelled and Live Warrants.......much appreciated.....(my take is the real inventory is about 140K tons....)  rate and reply
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RE:Check i reported your mother

Once a bully always a bully.!!!!  rate and reply
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the cupboard is bare: LME 250,000 level broached

  rate and reply
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Check i reported your mother

for not leaving you in the pi$$pot where you belong  rate and reply
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Ray Goldie mentions Copper Mountain as a take out

BNN  rate and reply
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So Smart

http://www.nytimes.com/2014/04/14/business/international/china-buys-glencore-copper-mine-stake.html?_r=0 Like I suspected. Chinese government has been running down the commodity sector so they can go...read more
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RE:RE:You must do DD!

Time will tell- may be? I wll go in and out.  rate and reply
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RE:You must do DD!

Hans, no offense by why are you here. seriously, all you do is bash and you do not own a share, zero.  go away, get some therapy. you were calling for $1.00 per share and now you call for $2. Have...read more
2 stars

You must do DD!

Well, do you really own any shares-maybe 500? I agree I was an Idiot to put all my money in this mine at $8.00 and holdiing The fact is, you should study the history of this mine . This is not to say,...read more
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RE:Hans your an idiot

I just reported your bulling to Stockhouse. Cheers  rate and reply
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RE:Copper Mountain Mining Corp. up 11% on record Q1 production

Well, Its time to put some caution out. I believe it will settle down to $2.00  I said before Murphy's law will still apply to the operation. Installing the crusher is not a piece of cake..This...read more