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Bioniche Life Sciences Inc T.BNC

Sector: Healthcare | Sub-Sector: Biotechnology
Alternate Symbol(s): BNHLF

Bioniche Life Sciences Inc is a Research-based, technology-driven biopharmaceutical company involved in the discovery, development, manufacturing and marketing of proprietary products for human and animal health markets.
Price: $0.225 | Change: $0.00 | % Change: 0.00%
Volume: 24,650 | Day High/Low: 0.225/0.225 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.415/0.18

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It is a done deal

Press release at 9:00 confirming the sale took place. so see you guys in May after Q3 earnings comes out. HT  rate and reply
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RE:Look at the volume!!!!

Raging BS, Are you surprised? No one cares about Bioniche any more. 60% of shares couldn't be bothered to vote for or against the liquidation of their entire revenue stream. management should find...read more
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Look at the volume!!!!

Awesome!   Big spenders here, I tell ya.   Deep pockets.   The whole nine yards.....  rate and reply
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RE:RE:Anyone care to take a shot....

Don't even go there!  rate and reply
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Where are we now?

complications are removed and things became quite clear - it's ONE trick pony now. 100%  reliance in the bet on Urocidin.   0%      ability to make money and produce something anything of value now. ...read more
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40% and Graeme McRea

have really hard time to get around this number....   40%.... when company changed itself completely....   What an embarassment.... Congratulations Mr.McRae, I guess it's reasonable to say that you...read more
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RE:RE:BNC's G&M Article....

I find it hard to beleive that after having arranging a meeting in Toronto, and with all the concerns regarding the vote and it’s outcome, the meeting consisted of a 5 minute vote, with no other...read more
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RE:BNC's G&M Article....

RG... With all due respect to some of the measures that the new management have taken, I don't think that they feel compelled in any way, shape or form to make a compelling argument for Urocidin...read more
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BNC's G&M Article....

"A" for effort re: descriptive overview & outline of strategy. "F" for compelling "case for/ strengths" of Urocidin. At least new management will have more tries at above. Just get it right much...read more
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We sell the farm

Now that spring is here the farm should sell. Then we sell One Health. If we get any real money  for it above the debts inside it that extends the runway for a safe landing.  rate and reply
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RE:Anyone care to take a shot....

maybe they'll tell us our IR  department will become part of the NEW company. JMHO  rate and reply
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Anyone care to take a shot....

At what the next piece of disappointing news will be?    It can't be far behind....  rate and reply
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RE:Fundamental shift

God forbid we ever hire someone who knows how to positively impact the share price....  rate and reply
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Fundamental shift

Well, with sale of AH company changed its nature losing one and only asset of any value to speak of.  What can be more fundamental then this?......  and 40% of shares decided to show up...read more
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Sale of AH division approved

From release: At a Special Meeting of Shareholders held this morning in Toronto, 39.4% of the issued and outstanding shares were voted, with 97.4% of those voting in favour of the sale transaction.  rate and reply
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Still selling shares at $0.24?    Who the F sells at these prices?   Regardless of the voting results, the gong show continues.....  rate and reply
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Bioniche puts focus on human health with new drug to treat c

Bioniche puts focus on human health with new drug to treat cancer Add to ... RICHARD BLACKWELL The Globe and Mail Published Sunday, Apr. 13 2014, 4:56 PM EDT Canadian biotechnology pioneer Bioniche...read more
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One hour to go

So is anybody on the way to the meeting? Please post the vote  if your there  rate and reply
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Be At Ease People

We are way past holding grudges as this would be equivalent to daily shaving a bald head. We are into a possible new spring of life for all of us shareholders. There is no way our principals would...read more
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RE:RE:RE:And the winner is:

Maybe Graeme can go there and suck them dry.  rate and reply