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Bombardier Inc T.BBD.A

Sector: Industrials | Sub-Sector: Aerospace & Defense
Alternate Symbol(s): T.BBD.B|T.BBD.PR.D|T.BDRPF|T.BBD.PR.B|T.BBD.PR.C

Bombardier Inc manufactures transportation equipment. The Company operates in two segments, Bombardier Aerospace and Bombardier Transportation.
Price: $4.10 | Change: +$0.01 | % Change: +0.24%
Volume: 79,048 | Day High/Low: 4.13/4.06 | 52 Week High/Low: 5.42/3.30

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Lower to come

Over prices going lower on Russia  rate and reply
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hedge funds got alot of buying to do

bain capital memo dated aug 16 2013...........Dear Mitt   .......we are progressing well in our purchases of bbd.b but we are still behind our objective of 55 % by 2015.   There seems to be some...read more
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laurent beaudoin floating trial balloon with brp in mexico

Lautent beaudoin is chairman of the board of bombardier recreation products and bbd.   Looks like the trial balloons are flying when brp was privatized in 2003.   He must be trying to figure out if he...read more
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can you even buy a pizza in mexico for 60 dollars

I was reading about the wages being paid to bbd employees in mexico and i was really amazed.  Did you know that the starting wage for an aerospace worker in mexico is 25 dollars a day and that an...read more
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...as investor in BBD, learn to differentiate between American-day-trading-penny-a-second“ HFT s h i [t[[-heads and those who do CARE about Candian interests in this company’s success. Huge difference...read more
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Regulators order inspection of Bombardier CRJ

Regulators order inspection of Bombardier airplanes   Pedal parts ‘may be prone to premature fatigue cracking,’ Transport Canada says   BY FRANÇOIS SHALOM, THE...read more
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RE-POSTED... RE-EDITED [better translation from French]

[[off topic or not, keep in mind, BBD.B’s future is NOT related to selling ANYTHING to the United States; the issue mentioned here, however, is just as involved in CANADIAN Foreign Policy as...read more
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RE:“Off topic” – on CBC’s pathetic reporting and taking sides.

Hey, this is the Bombardier bullboard.  No one here is interested in your views.  Go away!  rate and reply
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“Off topic” – on CBC’s pathetic reporting and taking sides.

[[off topic or not, keep in mind, BBD.B’s future is NOT related to selling ANYTHING to the United States; the issue discussed here is just as involved in CANADIAN Foreign Policy as Bombardier’s...read more
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These 10 chal 350 were the Dec 2013 sale no new order

Minsheng Financial Leasing unveiled as Challenger 350 customer Posted by: Alud Davies April 15, 2014 in BizJetBlogger, News, Top Stories   China’s Minsheng Financial Leasing have been...read more
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Bombardier and Gulfstream share order

Minsheng Affirms $3B Blockbuster Bizjet Order April 15, 2014, 10:32 AM Minsheng Financial Leasing (MSFL), Asia’s largest business jet leasing firm, announced nearly $3 billion in orders with...read more
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Re: Dear Mr. Harper:

I regret to put it all as BLUNTLY as I did in my last post but the ONLY language you and your Nazi dogs do understand is the language as VISCERAL as YOUR OWN !! EOM  rate and reply
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When will CSeries have orders for 300 units

Reading another post on another forum someone suggested if Bombardier keeps moving the in-service date forward they might have less problem meeting the objective of 300 units by that time... " Well...read more
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Dear Mr. Harper:

Before you  venture to instruct CSEC and / or CSIS to follow and / or “blacklist” me for “sedition of the innocent” [oh, no law is yet passed to get it done NORTH of the 49th], while I’m still able to...read more
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RE:RE:On current events [and on CBC].... It is VERY “simple”

Did YOU really forget it [?]... Hmm, not overly prudent for any ever-vigilant Harperite suddenly sticking an "all-informative" line into a debate.... LOL  rate and reply
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RE:On current events [and on CBC].... It is VERY “simple”

forget to take your medications this morning, lol  rate and reply
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On current events [and on CBC].... It is VERY “simple”

Step one – in 2015 get rid of Mr. HARPER [THE MOST belligerent supporter of neo-Nazis in Ukraine]. I really wonder what would have happen if an adventurous reporter at CBC would have dared to “dig out...read more
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walmart suing visa for excessive swipe fee's

Walmart claims that visa charged billions of dollars more than it should have with its swipe fee's .............costing the average consumer 100s of billions of dollars from the periiod 2004 to 2012. ...read more
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boeing defence makes 30 billion revenue annually

The amount of money the world spends on defence is astronomical amount.   Aircraft carriers..nuclear submarines........refuel tanker planes.......fighter jets...........missils of all types......they...read more
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RE:RE:russia allows smithfield pork to enter russia

Better tell me if you do think that Mr. Harper and his mad-dogs are simply a total i d i o t s to defend neo-Nazis in Ukraine [?].  rate and reply