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Armtec Infrastructure Inc T.ARF

Sector: Industrials | Sub-Sector: Engineering & Construction
Alternate Symbol(s): T.ARF.DB|AIIFF

Armtec Infrastructure Inc. is a infrastructure and construction materials company, combining creative engineered solutions, relevant advice, dedicated people, proven products and a national presence with a local focus on exceptional customer service.
Price: $1.31 | Change: $-0.01 | % Change: -0.76%
Volume: 1,300 | Day High/Low: 1.31/1.31 | 52 Week High/Low: 2.69/1.25

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RE:Who really can help??

way too many directors IMHO - difficult to accomplish a whole lot with so many.  rate and reply
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RE:Unfortunate End to a Once Great Company

Yes I knew several people that worked at Armtec and were instrumental in its successful run.  I really didn't want to respond to your post until it had been well read by the other "boarders". Your...read more
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Unfortunate End to a Once Great Company

I've being looking at this page for some time now and have to think that Thetruthhurts, RazorSharp and/or RustyNail must have worked or know somebody that worked at Armtec at one time or another. Some...read more
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Record Hi for TSX = Record low for Armtec

Not quite but it seems to be headed that way. Shocked that there is no communication after such dismal results. "No Map no plan no place to be". I guess I should turn the page too as there really is...read more
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Who really can help??

Given the Company mission statement below how many Directors are actually qualified to advise and offer guidence in the leadership of this company??  Many times I've said the group is out of touch...read more
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Dust has settled -- what are the facts

Yesterday's call was followed by today's down grade from Raymond James that followed the earlier and more accurate downgrade from Scotia.  I'm not here to beat a dead horse but a good colleague of...read more
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RE:Get ready for the spinnnnnnnnn

Agree with you. Stock and debentures are getting pounded.  rate and reply
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Get ready for the spinnnnnnnnn

http://ir.armtec.com/releasedetail.cfm?ReleaseID=832661 Cut and paste the link to learn the latest spin on yet another failed delivery from Armtec Not only do we see that at a time when other...read more
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Nothing has been done

Well I have let the one post stand un challenged for a bit and after looking into the background I am still seeing the same old Armtec. As the stock slides back to where it belongs and we get ready...read more
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times changing

I have been watching this company lately and now I have heard that they have started clearing out some of the deadwood managers in the west that have been around way too long.  Its way overdue to...read more
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RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:What's the plan for 2014? How low will this go.

Well said.  I agree with some of your points, not all, nevertheless, you have been very thorough.  You hit the nail on the head which I have mentioned before and that is relationships.  That is the...read more
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RE:RE:RE:RE:What's the plan for 2014? How low will this go.

Rusty and Razor, The key thing to remember about Armtec is their ability to compete in today's market place. All of their manufacturing capabilities are very very very dated. The company is...read more
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RE:RE:RE:What's the plan for 2014? How low will this go.

Rusty, With regards to restructuring I was referring to flattening the pyramid.  That is reducing the layers of management.  Right now they have 6 to 7 layers.  In the old Armtec they had 4.  Add to...read more
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RE:RE:What's the plan for 2014? How low will this go.

Ok - so you guys and many others say management isn't doing what is needed to bring Armtec back. Anderson is a smart guy and he's pulling the strings (at least at his level) so what is the agenda? I...read more
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RE:What's the plan for 2014? How low will this go.

Don't beat yourself up.  That's what happens when you have weak leaders and an inept board who will not deal with it.  I would think it will be a penny stock in the 1st Q next year.  You would think...read more
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What's the plan for 2014? How low will this go.

Ok enough silence and wow can this baby drop!  How low will it go? Is there any interest in some group coming in and buying them?  Will Brookfield shut it down and piece it off? or will Armtec just...read more
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RE:Fom Canadian Insider

Looks like the insiders got it too soon....Nothing new here. Nov 29/13 Cameron, Donald W. Indirect Ownership Common Shares 10 - Acquisition in the public market 1,100  @ $1.78 Nov 21/13 ...read more
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RE:Crickets Chirping

They do have a plan (2015), however it is not the right one.  There is no doubt that the balance sheet is an anchor and does not allow any freedom to move.  They may be past the point of no return...read more
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Crickets Chirping

Its been a month since ARF barked and published the Q3 results. Since then -- nothing but crickets as the stock value continues to drop like a stone. How about a comment? Perhaps someone could take a...read more
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Fom Canadian Insider

http://www.canadianinsider.com/node/7?ticker=ARF  rate and reply