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Antrim Energy Inc T.AEN

Sector: Energy | Sub-Sector: Oil & Gas E&P
Alternate Symbol(s):  ATGYF

Price: $0.06 | Change: $0.00 | %Change: 0.00%
Volume: 14,700 | Day High/Low: 0.06/0.06 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.155/0.045

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3 stars

RE:Fyne license

You seem to insist that the company has significant cash assets. It is true that it should have some net cash, but so far no audited balance sheet or other updated information has been provided to...read more
3.5 stars

Fyne license

Must be worth the risk at this price, share price is still priced at bankruptcy level, current market cap is below current cash assets.  I can see a buyout offer in the near term to pick up that cast...read more
2 stars

RE:RE:RE:Between US$17-US$18mln in cash.

Doubt you can lose anything by holding given current sp.  rate and reply
0 stars

RE:RE:Between US$17-US$18mln in cash.

i agree I think that might be too risky. And looks like the interest is decreasing on london and tsxv that is not a good sign. I wonder if I should offload before before I lose too much.  rate and reply
3 stars

RE:Between US$17-US$18mln in cash.

Well, the main problem is that it is "only" $17 million, and with that amount you hardly do anything in offshore exploration. Also, this is a public company, with significant admnistrative expenses...read more
3 stars

Between US$17-US$18mln in cash.

The deal, worth almost four times the current market capitalisation, will allow Antrim to clear its debts and liabilities and will leave it with between US$17-US$18mln in cash. “But, now we can...read more
0 stars

RE:price hike

It is up 24.5% on the London market today https://www.google.ca/finance?q=LON%3AAEY&hl=en&ei=pQK8U5jiMOSCiALsnYGQAQ I wonder if it may have something to do with the Fyne licence; Engineering work is...read more
0 stars

RE:price hike

Also strong in London today, up 20%n more than 600,000 shares. Maybe a good indicator: if there is indeed a deal on the works, surely it is being negotiated in London, not in Calgary.  rate and reply
0 stars

price hike

Is something finally happening in this business? I haven't found any news but price gets hike again.  rate and reply
0 stars

RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:rumors are

Looks like their strategy hasn't been a success so far , in case it does I'm ready to load up some more too, for every half a penny it may go down.  rate and reply
0 stars

RE:Good Future Ahead

Run by dude called Greer - who's made disasterous decisions, and takes huge salary. Assets worth way more than current price, but Greer's there.  rate and reply
4 stars

Good Future Ahead

With the amount of assets Antrim has, I believe the stock should be atleast $0.07. They have regained some confidence from investers from their reduction of debt and shows good promise to push forward...read more
0 stars

RE:strange thing is if he closed the doors

vingone, appreciate info on the rumour...hope it's true......  rate and reply
0 stars

strange thing is if he closed the doors

with what he has in the bank it is still about 8.5 cents a share with cash on hand  rate and reply
0 stars

like i said it is a rumor

i was tols 15 mil for flyn anf 5 for porcupine. again i do not like posting this, but i felt i should let you know. timw will tell. isee on lse big volumes as well  rate and reply
0 stars

RE:RE:RE:RE:rumors are

Sigg, that strategy works providing no one else has the news. If other big players have same info, they simply buy the big sell order. Anyway, no rush to the exits, so strategy hasn't worked, so far..  rate and reply
0 stars

RE:RE:RE:rumors are

Because there was little to no sell orders at 0.05 or 0.055 earlier. An actual shareholder could possibly put a big sell order at 0.05 trying to create a negative sentiment and fear. In the same time...read more
0 stars

RE:RE:rumors are

If possible offer is 20-23 cents sigg, why try to catch shares at 4 1/2 cents; i'd just buy at 5 and up. None traded in last hour....make my day to see Greer out, of AEN and the industry....  rate and reply
0 stars

RE:rumors are

Hope you're right vingone..sp currently down on 970k traded...Greer has lost my confidence, and likely everyone elses...20 -23 cents would be great considering present price..  rate and reply
0 stars

RE:rumors are

that could explain the high volume this morning. It looks like fake sell orders on the ask side to catch shares on the bid side. Same kind of pattern was going on yesterday. I see it as a positive...read more

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