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Agnico-Eagle Mines Ltd T.AEM

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Gold
Alternate Symbol(s): AEM

Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd is a gold mining company. It operates in Canada, Mexico and Finland.
Price: $31.26 | Change: +$0.55 | % Change: +1.79%
Volume: 2.4m | Day High/Low: 32.01/30.80 | 52 Week High/Low: 39.30/24.66

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Best wishes to the longs and new investors on board.....

Great new asset plus good news today ...... http://www.nasdaq.com/article/why-agnico-eagle-mines-aem-stock-might-be-a-great-pick-tale-of-the-tape-cm345221 All this greatness comes after the recent...read more
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Bank is garbage Government is rotten

The inflation numbers released are the biggest load of garbage the Government/Bank has ever released. They play up to the Americans to keep the dollar strength. Dollar will collapse. Coffee, Pork...read more
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BOC theft with negative real rates and empty gold coffers...

roflmao  rate and reply
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Poloz says deflation loomig... March CPI up 0.6%

Government theft and real wage declines. BOC fiat games are embarrassing. If you invested in a one year term deposit at 1%, you lost 60% of your interest in ONE month due to inflation.  rate and reply
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So why release the information so close to the open

AEM smells rotten as in not giving time before the open for the news to be digested. Rotten I would say. Remind me never to buy AEM shares again! Peter at Yamana is worse these guys don't respect...read more
5 stars

John ING is screwed again

Ing was pumping Barrick for the last 20 years and AEM was his pick as well. I he still employed? He's the worst to follow or ever listen to his ideas are all wrong at best. Never listen as he will...read more
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correction on UK debt..

UK only has $2.047 trillion in public debt, and with $13 billion of gold reserves,represents a .64% gold reserve ratio. They still stand at the third worst amongst G8 nations. That's why the BOE has...read more
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Nobody listens to Goldman anymore...

Don't listen to the squid, those guys have been screwing up the world's macro economies for decades. Ever heard of Goldman's Robert Rubin and the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act. It led to the...read more
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Bank of Canada holds paltry $140 million in gold reserves..

Canada holds the least amount of gold reserves relative to it's public debt of $680 billion, a paltry .02%, the lowest amongst G8 countries. The Bank of Japan holds $32.2 billion in gold reserves, or...read more
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it's not "Money Ball" it's "Brylcreem Ball"....

http://www.iamstaggered.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Brylcreem-Standard-Paste-Low.jpg  rate and reply
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Are HFT replicants sniffing around when they shouldn't be...

Lies, cheating and corruption are good for gold prices so we got that going for us.  rate and reply
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HFT replicants have not yet been declared illegal..

Tyrell Corp has given information to the government on some mutations of the replicants which may be hazardous to the general populace. Trying to terminate or "retire" replicants is still punishable...read more
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regulators are hesitant to pull the plug on HFT ponzi

gold might go up  rate and reply
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HFT bots pay TD Ameritrade to front run retail sheep orders.

gold loves financial lies and corruption  rate and reply
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TD's market cap is greater than the entire gold sector...

TD bank has a market cap of $94 billion. The largest 30 Canadian gold mining companies have a combined market cap of $88 billion. The 30th largest gold mining company has a market cap of $170 million....read more
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tail wagging the dog HFT gold short scam will end soon...

eom  rate and reply
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G7 paper ponzi is running out of fuel...

this is good for gold miners  rate and reply
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bullish chart

accumulate,buy signal  rate and reply
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Ukranian sheep reject being sheered by IMF..

Gazprom would no longer offer 50% discount on home heating bills.  rate and reply
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Goldminers cheer Kudlow's last CNBC episode...

Mr Kudlow "short gold" will be gone soon. Many gold mines have been closed due to higher costs but there is no inflation. Will Wall St. continue to drive down gold prices below the AISC so that no...read more