Looks like I may have stumped poor trashy with this post: RE:RE:RE:RE:What is this compnay worth,my figures show .20 cents,see why trashy, why don't you explain why this company, in Ethiopia, will have the PE ratio of proven potash producers? By your rationale every oil company out there will have at least the average of the major, established companies as would companies in every sector out there. Looks like you cornered the market on "stupid" there trashy! Now go pour yourself another glass of karmie's koolaid! Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard/t.aaa/allana-potash-corp#tqKyyzlMLqOlR96T.99 Poor trashy, even though his ID is new. I suspect that he is one of the bitter, bagholding wrongs that have been here for years desperately hoping to regain some of their lost money!! And flimflam, not suggesting you are a liar but why not get a Turkish newspaper with the current date on it, hold it over your face and have a pic taken. You can post it on here so everyone will not think you are a liar!!