PEV - TSXV (battery business) recently mergered with a private company called WildCharge( ) of Colorado. PEV is the majority holder in this corp.

Two divisions to the business: RAM Rechargeable Battery and the WildCharge ( a pad that recharges multiple battery devices on a single pad)

The rechargable business has been around for years and does well. It can be found in any major retail location across north america under the pure energy brand. It also has some global distribution. The WildCharge business is were things start to get exciting. The wildcharge since its launch has done exceptionall well. Duracell has private labeled the deal and can be found under the Duracell MyGrid label. 

(Duracell Europe RollOut Oct 2010 )

Major USA chain (

New Zealand & Australia Via Uniden and Mint Wireless

TMobile Customers -

Battery Business

Canadian Tire - BluePlanet Brand

Whole Foods - Ram 365

Target - Target Brand

QVC Shopping Channel- Massive Success

iGO - iGO Green Batteries (