So many companies like NAG that transforms itself from hot sector to hot sector and at end of day move onto the next hot story as the hot sector of the day fades away into the sunset.  Take care trading the SP swings.  Sure lots of paper chasing paper up and down to make decent profits but don't be last one to be left holding the bag, that is unless you buy at the bottom and ride the horse again for another trip around the block on some new story.


Lovely isn't it, capitalism, companies trying this and that as investors try their best to invest for the best outcomes, hopefully not the worse outcomes.  Short of bankrupcy or total delist, these sorts of companies always find a ninth life and with so many stories out there in many sectors in the marketplace that come and goes from bull to bear status, always a story to tell or fall from graces from as bulls becomes bears and bears become bulls.  Sea filled with tons of broken companies, resurrected companies, just a few real companies that at end of day really deliver real shareholder value based on earnings and real assets than earnings, values based on hope, speculation.  Two sides to make money, invest for the future or speculate for the future.  The former gives you a much better chance than the latter.  Take care in the marketplace as well as the stock forums.



PS.  Some dubious id even spamming NAG months before this latest news saying how great they are, yah right on, sure thing dubious shady ids.  So what was NAG before in its many other versions, what are they current and what will they be in the future??  Betcha there are tens of thousands of companies in the same model as NAG, betcha for the most part speculation rules with loads of profits and at end of day those that buy and hold and hope will end up with not much as many companies would of diluted away their prospects to even have value if it is in fact for real, oh well, so goes having less value in your shares if reverse split happens of which one needs even a higher share price or big idea from the company to hold water to breakeven or make some.


Just like the markets, bull and bear cycles come and go, company cycles come and go too....are they on the right uptrend, are you in the right uptrend, as uptrends turn to downtrends, as companies do really well or fail at the end of the day, as investors succeed well as they fail too.  Hopefully successes outweigh failure for investors as companies come and go and may not survive long enough to come back again.  Hopefully for investors they got enough to come back should they fail.....learn from the experience and build on it for future successes, well at least that is a plan.  Any well thought out plans by companies or is it just go thru the hoops as long as you can and try to be for real or just for the hella of it until the next story presents itself?


xoxoxoxoxoxoxo as always. 


N.A. Gem disposes Kentucky mining operations

2012-07-27 18:19 ET - News Release


Mr. Charles Desjardins reports


North American Gem Inc. has executed an asset purchase agreement with Keener Ridge Coals Inc. of West Virginia. Under the agreement, the company will transfer to KRC its interests in certain coal leases and mining permits located in Kentucky. KRC will assume the immediate obligations and liabilities associated with the permits and leases. For all coal sold under permit 861-0519 (Swan Pond), the company will receive an override royalty of $1.50 per ton, but only after KRC has recouped the amount of funds it had to spend to address the immediate obligations and liabilities associated with the permits and leases being transferred.

Under the agreement, KRC is also obligated to satisfy any claims made by Kentucky Mining Partners LLC against North American Gem. The company had reported in previous disclosure documents that KMP had filed a lawsuit on March 17, 2011, in the Eastern District of Kentucky, United States District Court. As a result of this agreement, the company no longer has any direct mining operations in Kentucky.

The company further reports that it has executed a mutual release and termination agreement with certain landholders regarding various coal leases within West Virginia. Under the agreement, the company will no longer have any obligations or hold any interests in coal leases located within West Virginia.

The company also reports that Hunter Dickinson Group has elected not to proceed with earning its initial ownership interest of 50 per cent in the joint venture agreement on the Louise Lake property previously executed between HDG and North American Gem. The company believes the Louise Lake project still maintains inherent value especially in more robust commodity markets.